Thursday, September 29, 2005

US Rape Statistics

In 2003, there were 198,850 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault.

Of these approximately 199,000 victims, about 81,000 were victims of completed rape, 61,060 were victims of attempted rape, and 80,910 were victims of sexual assault.

Up to 4,065 pregnancies may have resulted from these attacks.

Because of the methodology of the National Crime Victimization Survey, these figures do not include victims 12 or younger. While there are no reliable annual surveys of sexual assaults on children, the Justice Department has estimated that one of six victims are under age 12.

· Only about 40% of rapes sexual assaults were reported to law enforcement in 2003.

· Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.

15% of victims are under age 12
29% are age 12-17
44% are under age 18
80% are under age 30

- Among people 12 and older, about 83.5% of the US population is white, and 82.5% of rape victims are white; 13.3% of victims are black, compared to 12.3% of the population; and 4.2% of both victims and the population are of other races.

- Approximately 70% of female rape victims and 74% of male rape victims know their assailant.

- Approximately 50% of female victims and 44% of male victims are raped by a friend or acquaintance; 30% of female victims and 26% of male victims by a stranger; 12% of female victims and 30% of male victims by an intimate; 8% of female victims and less than 1% of male victims by another relative; but in less than 1% of cases the relationship is unknown.

- About four out of ten sexual assaults take place at the victim’s own home. Two in ten take place in the home of a friend, neighbor or relative. One in ten take place outside, away from home. And about one in 12 take place in a parking garage.

- More than half of all rape/sexual assault incidents were reported by victims to have occurred within one mile of their home or at their home.

- 43% of rapes occur between 6 pm and midnight. 24% occur between midnight and 6am. The other 33% take place between 6am and 6pm.

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