Monday, September 26, 2005

Underage Sex At Coronation Street For Christmas

Coronation Street is celebrating Christmas in style, with a plotline to shock even the most stoic of soap-watchers.

In a tradition as old as Christmas itself, two teenagers will get tipsy at a party and end up in bed together. But the twist to this story is that the youngsters in question are below the age of consent, something that will no doubt cause uproar in Middle England.

Rosie Webster and Craig Harris, played by Helen Flanagan and Richard Fleeshman, are 15-year-old goths with little regard for rules or authority, because everything's so unfair, man.

Actually, both have been dealt are fairly tough hand in life, as Craig's father was killed by his sister, who subsequently killed herself, while Rosie's mother is Sally Webster.

So at the Christmas party, where fizzy alcohol is free-flowing, they exploit the festive cheer and get up close and personal.

However, in another age-old tradition, they are inevitably walked in on by an unsuspecting old: Craig's granddad Keith Appleyard.

After that it's not long before Rosie's mum Sally discovers what's happened. A Corrie insider told The Sun: "Sally hits the roof when she finds out."

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