Thursday, September 22, 2005

Make Your Penis Smell Good

"Do you want your wife or girlfriend to love you more? Try this product," entrepreneur Marian Liu told reporters yesterday.

Targeting men who want to look good and smell good in all the right places, Liu, chief executive officer of Rich Link Biotech Co. Ltd., said she had a winner in her latest skincare line for men.

"Guys need it but many of them, especially Taiwanese men, don't want to talk about it," she said at BIO Taiwan's pre-opening news conference. "We still live in a conservative society, but I am confident that things will change a few years from now."

Liu's products raised a few eyebrows and elicited a few giggles at yesterday's media briefing. Her booth, for one, featured a giant pillow shaped like male genitalia, and bananas wearing bow ties.

Her three-item skincare line for men promised to cleanse, sterilize and whiten a guy's crotch. The "Mr. Right trilogy" also contained anti-aging properties, Liu said.

The package comprises an enzyme scrub, petitgrain elixir, and antiseptic spray.

The scrub is a "dual-action sloughing treatment that combined papaya enzymes and exfoliating beads to gently uncover fresh layers of skin," the company said in its brochure. It also noted that the skin's texture would improve visibly, and that the skin would look "radiant" and "glowing."

Petitgrain elixir - made from petitgrain, jasmine and grape seed oil - would freshen the genital area, they added.

The antiseptic spray contains chitosan, a component that was derived from the shells of crabs and shrimps, said the company.

"(It) has a similar structure to cellulose," they said, adding that "Recently, scientists have discovered (the) growth-inhibition (property) of chitosan against bacteria and fungi."

Even women could use Rich Link Biotech's latest innovation, said Liu.

"The skin around the genital area is more sensitive, and requires a gentler formula," she said. "It is also a known fact that fungi thrives in damp areas. We have the product that could suppress fungi-growth, and improve your overall health. It will also give a boost to a guy's sex appeal since he would smell terrific."

Rich Link Biotech's latest skincare line for men is not yet commercially available, Liu said.

"We have yet to decide on our launch date," she said. "I hope that guys who truly care about their partners will get this package."


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