Thursday, September 29, 2005

US Rape Statistics

In 2003, there were 198,850 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault.

Of these approximately 199,000 victims, about 81,000 were victims of completed rape, 61,060 were victims of attempted rape, and 80,910 were victims of sexual assault.

Up to 4,065 pregnancies may have resulted from these attacks.

Because of the methodology of the National Crime Victimization Survey, these figures do not include victims 12 or younger. While there are no reliable annual surveys of sexual assaults on children, the Justice Department has estimated that one of six victims are under age 12.

· Only about 40% of rapes sexual assaults were reported to law enforcement in 2003.

· Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.

15% of victims are under age 12
29% are age 12-17
44% are under age 18
80% are under age 30

- Among people 12 and older, about 83.5% of the US population is white, and 82.5% of rape victims are white; 13.3% of victims are black, compared to 12.3% of the population; and 4.2% of both victims and the population are of other races.

- Approximately 70% of female rape victims and 74% of male rape victims know their assailant.

- Approximately 50% of female victims and 44% of male victims are raped by a friend or acquaintance; 30% of female victims and 26% of male victims by a stranger; 12% of female victims and 30% of male victims by an intimate; 8% of female victims and less than 1% of male victims by another relative; but in less than 1% of cases the relationship is unknown.

- About four out of ten sexual assaults take place at the victim’s own home. Two in ten take place in the home of a friend, neighbor or relative. One in ten take place outside, away from home. And about one in 12 take place in a parking garage.

- More than half of all rape/sexual assault incidents were reported by victims to have occurred within one mile of their home or at their home.

- 43% of rapes occur between 6 pm and midnight. 24% occur between midnight and 6am. The other 33% take place between 6am and 6pm.

Women With Young Kids Less Interested In Sex

Married women are more likely to have sexual desire problems than either single women or married men, and those with children under the age of 5 are the most likely to report having little interest in sex, a new study shows.

Researchers in the U.K. surveyed 11,000 men and women between the ages of 16 and 44 about their sex lives -- or lack thereof.

They found that the women were significantly more likely than men to say that they had experienced a short-term or long-term problem in their sex lives over the past year.

Forty-one percent of married women said they had little interest in sex for up to a month during the previous year; one in 10 reported sexual desire problems lasting at least six months.

“Women with small children were the most likely to report short-term and long-term problems with desire,” researcher Catherine H. Mercer, MSc, PhD, tells WebMD. “But interestingly, this was not the case among married men.”

In fact, married men and men living with a partner were much less likely to report sexual problems than single men.

Men and women who reported having negative feelings about their first sexual encounter also reported more current problems with their sex lives. It was not clear from the study if the two are related.

The survey was conducted between 1999 and 2001 and is published in the latest issue of the journal Sexually Transmitted Infection.

In addition to low libido, those surveyed were asked about other common sexual issues including performance anxiety, inability to climax, early climax, pain during intercourse, erection problems, and lubrication problems.

Both men and women reported more long-term sexual problems as they got older. People who reported being in good health also reported fewer sexual problems than those in poor health.

And both men and women who reported having problems communicating with their partner about sex were twice as likely to report sexual problems as those who did not cite communication as a problem.

“Communication plays a big part in sexual satisfaction,” Mercer says.

Sex Toys More Common in Women in Relationships

Why Women Lose Interest in Sex

Just Too Tired

The big difference in sexual desire reported by the men and women and women in their 20s, 30s and early 40s comes as no surprise to sexual medicine specialist David Goldmeier, MD. Goldmeier co-authored an editorial accompanying the study.

“A woman who has small kids and a husband to take care of and maybe a job outside the home on top of that is going to be exhausted at the end of the day,” he tells WebMD. “The last thing she wants to think about is sex. Her husband may be tired too, but he has about 10 times the testosterone that she has. So he is thinking about it.”

Psychologist and certified sex therapist Marianne Brandon, PhD, tells WebMD that sexual desire is one of the first things to go when women feel that their lives are out of balance either emotionally, intellectually, physically, or spiritually.

She co-authored the 2004 book Reclaiming Desire: 4 Keys to Finding Your Lost Libido, which explores the subject.

“When we are making love, we are at our most vulnerable,” she says. “So any issue that is not quite right, be it in our psyches, our bodies, or our relationships, is likely to play out during this vulnerable time. We may pull away or shut down, and we often don’t know why we are doing it.”

The problem is compounded, she says, by the fact that gender roles between men and women have become more and more blurred. Women are taking on more responsibilities traditionally considered reserved for men -- and vice versa.

“Society has encouraged us all to become more androgynous by developing both our masculine and feminine sides,” she says. “It is good that we are more flexible and are not so stereotyped in the way we function in the world.”

But it can be a problem in sexual relationships, where more clearly defined gender roles are desirable. Brandon says women in this society tend to lose touch with their feminine core as they age.

Getting it back takes time and work, she adds, but the payoff is much bigger than just a better sex life.

“I would never tell a couple that sex is the most important part of their life. I don’t believe it,” she says. “But if you take the time and make it a priority, sexual satisfaction in a long-term relationship is going to bring a lot of life satisfaction.”

Prescriptions for Sexual Frustration

By Salynn Boyles, reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD

SOURCES: Mercer, C.H. Sexually Transmitted Infections, October 2005; vol 81: pp 394-399. Catherine H. Mercer, MSc, PhD, Centre for Sexual Health and HIV Research, University College London. David Goldmeier, MD, Jane Wadsworth Sexual Function Clinic, St. Mary’s Hospital, London. Marianna Brandon, PhD, clinical psychologist and AASECT certified sex therapist, Sexual Wellness Center, Annapolis, Md.; co-author, Reclaiming Desire: 4 Keys to Finding Your Lost Libido.

13 Year Old Sex Attacker

SCOTLAND, UK - - A 13-YEAR-OLD sex attacker was being hunted by detectives today after he indecently assaulted a 12-year-old boy near a popular park.

The victim was walking alone on Inverleith Place, near Inverleith Park, at around 11am yesterday when he was approached by another boy. The boy threatened him before forcing the distraught youngster to touch him inappropriately.

The attacker is described as white, around 13 years old, 5ft 6in tall, slim, with short dark hair. He spoke with a Scottish accent.

He was wearing a long-sleeved, white polo shirt with blue hoops or stripes on the bottom half, dark tracksuit bottoms and scruffy white trainers which had three Velcro straps.

Pc Ross Drummond, from the West End police station, who is investigating the incident, said: "The boy was walking to meet a friend when the suspect approached him near the Botanic Gardens end of the street.

"There was a sustained exchange of perhaps 15 minutes between them. The victim was about the same size and build, but we are not discounting the possibility that the suspect was an older boy with a more youthful appearance. The suspect was very composed and his behaviour would suggest that it was not a spur-of-the-moment act."

Pc Drummond said the 12-year-old had been left deeply upset by the incident. The police were alerted by his family after he arrived home and they noticed he seemed distressed.

He added: "He has been very good with the police and has given a detailed description of the attacker. His family have been helpful too."

Police now plan to carry out door-to-door inquiries of residents in the street while efforts will be made to trace any CCTV footage.

A police spokeswoman said: "The victim was unhurt but was greatly distressed by what happened. The assault took place on the street in Inverleith Place, and we are appealing for anyone who may have seen the suspect to come forward. The nearby Botanic Gardens are a very popular spot for visitors and would have been busy on Sunday with the fair weather. We would appeal to anyone who can help with the inquiry to come forward."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Naughty German Nurse

A nurse and two cameramen were arrested at the Munich beer festival for filming a porn movie on the city's famous big wheel.

The 21-year-old registered nurse, unnamed due to German privacy laws, and her two acquaintances were spotted 'filming sexual acts' by three Italian tourists in another carriage of the ride.

The Oktoberfest tourists alerted authorities, who detained the nurse and the filmmakers - a 25-year-old student and a 30-year-old teacher. Munich police released a statement saying: "The trio were spotted in the carriage with filming equipment. The 21-year-old suddenly disrobed and produced a sex toy that she began to use while the other two filmed her."

The three have been charged with public indecency.

Clinton And Lewinsky Condom

The former US president is known for many things among the Chinese public, including his sexual peccadilloes and promotion of AIDS awareness and prevention. But he may be surprised to know that his monicker is now being used as a brand name by a condom manufacturer in southern China - together with that of Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern with whom he had an affair.

Guangzhou Haojian Biotech Company recently announced the launch of the Clinton and Lewinsky brands of condoms. General manager Liu Wenhua proudly declared that his was the first company in China to have registered an international celebrity's name as a trademark.

No, he did not need to pay a single penny to use the names, he explained, because these are just "ordinary Western names". Both brands are for males, with the former priced at 29.8 yuan (US$3.7) for a pack of a dozen and the latter 18.8 yuan (US$2.3) a dozen. The "Clinton" is for the upscale market while the "Lewinsky" for the mass market, Liu elaborated.

As if this were not enough to raise a few eyebrows, Liu claimed that since last April, when the company could legally use the former president's name, he had received an offer of 10 million yuan (US$1.23 million) from a Beijing company for a transfer of name rights. "I said 'No way.' We're not selling the brands for any price."

The condom packet comes with a card inside - one side is a picture, in classic Chinese style, depicting an erotic pose, and on the other an adult-themed joke. One needs to buy 12 packs before collecting the whole set of cards. It is intended to publicize a "healthy adult culture" and "impart knowledge about sex and love," said Liu.

Yao Jun, a Guangzhou-based attorney for H.J.M. International Law Offices, which specializes in intellectual property rights issues, doubts the claim that the two brands are registered.

"Filing for registration and being registered are two different things." Yao told China Daily that the law stipulates that no trademark should violate public interest or the existing value system. "The Clinton and Lewinsky brands can be rejected on these grounds." Enditem

Sandra Geisel Gets Six Months In Jail

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ A former Catholic school English teacher arrested for having sex with a 16-year-old student will serve six months in jail as part of a plea deal announced Monday. Sandra Beth Geisel, 42, will be sentenced in November to six months behind bars, including time already served, according to the Albany County District Attorney's office. She also will have to register as a sex offender.

Geisel _ a mother of four _ was indicted earlier this month on charges of third-degree rape. She was fired from her teaching job at Christian Brothers Academy in June, soon after police caught her with a 17-year-old student. No charges were filed in that incident because the teen was of legal age. But during that investigation, a 16-year-old boy came forwarded and said he had sexual intercourse with Geisel on two separate occasions, leading to the charges against her, police said.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Gang Bang Definition

A gang bang is serial sex with more than two partners. It has been claimed that this is the sort of sex for which our bodies are designed, citing the difference in average time for orgasm between men and women as primary evidence for this view.

It is well known (and sometimes cursed) that men can reach orgasm in a relatively short time - as little as two or three minutes - whereas some women may take twenty minutes or more. Certainly, one can see the advantage a clan of primal humans could gain from having more than one male inseminate each woman, however distasteful this may seem to more socially aware minds.

Such sex and indeterminate paternity of the resulting offspring would bring the clan together and ensure the sharing of food and resources when necessary. This is, of course, the type of behaviour engaged in by many primates, ostensibly our closest relatives.

Gang bangs differ from a menage a trois, troilism, candaulism, or the practice of having simultaneous sex with multiple partners (also known as the Mongolian cluster). The term gang bang can unfortunately be applied to rape situations in which a group of rapists take turns to violate the victim. However, a gang bang can also be organized and consensual, and notable gang bangs have even made their way into the public eye recently, such as the case of Annabel Chong, whose exploits are now world famous.

Waiting in line at such events, televised or not, may have some benefits, as (according to various participants), watching other men have sex can be both stimulating and educational. The tension and anticipation is undoubtedly higher than during ordinary group sex, where the group's attention is shared amongst multiple acts and focused on the current partner. Individuals may, of course, indulge in less organised gang bangs, experiencing many partners in one night. They may slip away from social events with a range of partners to have sex at intervals during the night, perhaps even without their sexual partners being aware that they are merely one of many that night. Whether such behaviour is indicative of satyriasis or nymphomania is debatable.

Safe sex practices are imperative in such situations, however, and the responsibility of each individual. Other examples of gang bang related practices are the so-called two-minute parking lot test, where an individual can check out a string of prospective partners, without any committment, before settling on a final choice for the evening. Rejected partners are usually content having received the consolation of a couple of minutes of sex, and subsequently chosen partners receive a boost to the ego and the promise of further participation later on.

Both these examples differ from the standard idea of a gang bang in the sense that subsequent partners are unaware of their participation in the event; the situation is more one of an individual sleeping with separate partners in a short timespace. The moral view of gang bangs varies greatly. There are those who frown on anything other than a one partner per life, let alone one per night. Even those who consider one partner per night to be permissible may consider more than one partner in such a short space of time to be irresponsible or wanton behaviour. The moralities of consensual gang bangs are for the individual to decide, but the desire for safe sex should be paramount, regardless of personal philosophies or morality.

Not A Real Nike Ad But Could Be Effective

Malay Porn Scam

Harian Metro carried an article about a Malay porn website inviting the public to join an exclusive sex party with models and artistes in Port Dickson on New Year’s Eve.

The syndicate which set up the website tried to lure people to become its members by paying a RM60 fee, saying they could win prizes including an invitation to a wild party on Dec 31.

To become a member, one only has to buy a pre-paid top-up card and follow the instructions on the site. The money would supposedly be channelled to a prostitutes' reha-bilitation fund.

Members who have accumulated high points will be offered a sex vacation with Ratu Seks Melayu (Malay sex queen) to several overseas destinations.

The website which was detected several weeks ago also posted nude photographs of several artistes including Linda Rafar, Nasha Aziz and Marsha of AF3.

According to the paper, the images are believed to have been superimposed and that they could be the work of an online journalist who had close links with the entertainment industry.

Underage Sex At Coronation Street For Christmas

Coronation Street is celebrating Christmas in style, with a plotline to shock even the most stoic of soap-watchers.

In a tradition as old as Christmas itself, two teenagers will get tipsy at a party and end up in bed together. But the twist to this story is that the youngsters in question are below the age of consent, something that will no doubt cause uproar in Middle England.

Rosie Webster and Craig Harris, played by Helen Flanagan and Richard Fleeshman, are 15-year-old goths with little regard for rules or authority, because everything's so unfair, man.

Actually, both have been dealt are fairly tough hand in life, as Craig's father was killed by his sister, who subsequently killed herself, while Rosie's mother is Sally Webster.

So at the Christmas party, where fizzy alcohol is free-flowing, they exploit the festive cheer and get up close and personal.

However, in another age-old tradition, they are inevitably walked in on by an unsuspecting old: Craig's granddad Keith Appleyard.

After that it's not long before Rosie's mum Sally discovers what's happened. A Corrie insider told The Sun: "Sally hits the roof when she finds out."

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Magazine Salesmen And The Gang Rape

CONCORD, N.H. --The first of three magazine salesmen charged in the gang rape of a 19-year-old Concord woman was convicted Wednesday of three counts of rape. He was acquitted of two other charges.

Joseph Haniffy, 25, of Chicopee, Mass., was acquitted of one count of sexual assault and conspiracy in the Merrimack County Superior Court trial.

Cassidy Coburn, 19, of Monroe, Utah; and Christopher Armstrong, 23, of Jonesboro, Ark., will be tried later. The three men say she consented to sex.

The woman testified she met the men when Coburn and Armstrong knocked on her door on March 28 to sell magazines, helped themselves to beer from her refrigerator, offered her one and they played a kissing game but she did not agree to sex.

The woman said Haniffy, who showed up later, forced her to perform oral sex on him and then the three raped her. They were arrested a few days later in Maryland.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Swingers Club In The School


Residents of a southwest Muncie neighborhood thought the 110-year-old former school with purple doors had been vacant these past 14 months. So neighbors were surprised to find out the building, which was last used as a bingo hall, is home to one of Indiana's seven swingers clubs.

"I thought it was empty, to tell you the truth," Mary Neal, who rents a house across from the club, told The Star Press. "That shocks me. I'm just floored. There are a lot of kids that walk around here."

Swinging involves having social and sexual intercourse with someone other than a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. It primarily involves couples.

Local religious leaders are vowing to shut down the 7,3000-square-foot Klub Layden, saying it could bring crime into the community. And neighbors and city officials are debating whether the residential area is the proper location for a private club.

Marta Moody, director of the city-county plan commission, said Klub Layden could violate zoning rules for adult entertainment, but officials aren't sure whether the facility is operating as an adult business or a private club.

City laws require adult businesses to be at least 500 feet from residential areas.

A woman who identified herself as a manager, but refused to give her name, told The Associated Press that the club and its members were discreet and had received no complaints from neighbors.

The club is open two days a week and has pool tables, a dance floor, a six-person hot tub, a multiple-person shower and "sensually designed theme rooms," according to its Web site.

Klub Layden is open Friday and Saturday nights, and advises its members to bring their own alcohol and contraception. The club provides sheets, bathrobes and locker rooms.

An annual membership costs $25 for couples and single men and $20 for single women.

Members must agree to not identify others or their experiences at the club, without permission.


Make Your Penis Smell Good

"Do you want your wife or girlfriend to love you more? Try this product," entrepreneur Marian Liu told reporters yesterday.

Targeting men who want to look good and smell good in all the right places, Liu, chief executive officer of Rich Link Biotech Co. Ltd., said she had a winner in her latest skincare line for men.

"Guys need it but many of them, especially Taiwanese men, don't want to talk about it," she said at BIO Taiwan's pre-opening news conference. "We still live in a conservative society, but I am confident that things will change a few years from now."

Liu's products raised a few eyebrows and elicited a few giggles at yesterday's media briefing. Her booth, for one, featured a giant pillow shaped like male genitalia, and bananas wearing bow ties.

Her three-item skincare line for men promised to cleanse, sterilize and whiten a guy's crotch. The "Mr. Right trilogy" also contained anti-aging properties, Liu said.

The package comprises an enzyme scrub, petitgrain elixir, and antiseptic spray.

The scrub is a "dual-action sloughing treatment that combined papaya enzymes and exfoliating beads to gently uncover fresh layers of skin," the company said in its brochure. It also noted that the skin's texture would improve visibly, and that the skin would look "radiant" and "glowing."

Petitgrain elixir - made from petitgrain, jasmine and grape seed oil - would freshen the genital area, they added.

The antiseptic spray contains chitosan, a component that was derived from the shells of crabs and shrimps, said the company.

"(It) has a similar structure to cellulose," they said, adding that "Recently, scientists have discovered (the) growth-inhibition (property) of chitosan against bacteria and fungi."

Even women could use Rich Link Biotech's latest innovation, said Liu.

"The skin around the genital area is more sensitive, and requires a gentler formula," she said. "It is also a known fact that fungi thrives in damp areas. We have the product that could suppress fungi-growth, and improve your overall health. It will also give a boost to a guy's sex appeal since he would smell terrific."

Rich Link Biotech's latest skincare line for men is not yet commercially available, Liu said.

"We have yet to decide on our launch date," she said. "I hope that guys who truly care about their partners will get this package."


You Can Pay To Fuck A Sex Doll

Dacapo (Sept. 9)

"Tomoko-chan," who comes across as a young lady of good breeding, awaits Hiroshi on the sofa, motionless and expressionless. The air conditioning is set to a cool 21 degrees, but Hiroshi still can't keep from perspiring. Does his discomfort stem from nervousness? Or is just revulsion at the clammy sensation of "Tomoko-chan" 's silicone skin?

"Where's my libido when I need it?" Hiroshi moans.

A 21-year-old student, Hiroshi was enlisted by Dacapo to report on a visit to "LaLa," a newly opened shop in Tokyo's Akihabara district that rents private rooms furnished with a bath, toilet and, one other item . . . life-size female "mannequins."

Businesses renting sex dolls have been springing up rapidly over the past two years, and may currently number over 100 in the Tokyo area alone. Most specialize in home delivery, but LaLa's stable of 17 latex ladies do their entertaining on the premises.

"Tomoko," whose proper designation is "Dutch wife," boasts a solid torso and limbs as opposed to being inflatable. "She" stands 150 cm tall and weighs 28 kg. To purchase one of her kind outright would cost 600,000 yen; but at LaLa, the pleasure of her company may be obtained at the rate of 12,000 yen for 90 minutes.

"On a really good day, we might get as many as 30 customers ," the store's manager tells Dacapo. "Our patrons range in age from teens to men in their 60s. For the most part they appear to be quiet, timid types, who probably feel more at ease with a doll than a young chick.

"Some bring along shopping bags with a couple of extra costumes. I suppose they enjoy dressing up the dolls and taking snapshots."

Upon entering LaLa, Hiroshi received an instruction sheet that reads, "Your doll will not make remarks or engage in 'selfish' activities, but won't say anything else, such as 'It hurts,' either. Her body is more delicate than that of a real human. Bending the joints or fingers in an unnatural manner can result in breakage to the skin, so please handle her gently."

After watching an erotic DVD to get himself in the proper frame of mind, Hiroshi set about to the task of seduction.

"After I undressed her, I was upset to see that her head hadn't been properly screwed on," he grumbles.

Did the earth move, for Hiroshi at least?

"Well, I felt something," he admits. "But it gave me something of a guilt trip, and I was asking myself, 'What am I doing here?' and I guess at that point I got completely turned off."

Takuya, Hiroshi's classmate, found his doll -- a prim, bespectacled type dressed in a stewardess uniform and named Alice -- a bit more congenial.

"There was no problem in the missionary position, but with some of the others we tried I had to hold her up, and since she was quite heavy my arms got tired. "I kept thinking of previous enjoyable experiences, and was finally able to go all the way."

Still, the dolls' overall impression clearly leaves something to be desired.

"It made me realize how futile it can feel to convey love that doesn't get reciprocated," Takuya philosophizes.

Considering that LaLa rates are the same as shops featuring real females, Dacapo concludes that the doll rental business, which requires extra effort on the part of customers, really has its work cut out.


Best Free Love Sex Festifals In The World

Every single man hopes to get lucky while on vacation. Thre lure of semi naked women with even ferwer hang ups is a prime consideration when choosing a destination. So why don't you eliminate the middleman, skip the cheesy group tours, & go directly to your fantasies. The following evens provide a space to celebrate the act of sex, each of them are popular annual events, & they all will shock the pants off of you. So what are you waiting for?

10. Kinky Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark - October Every legal fetish that you can think of is sure to have a booth dedicated to it in the Danish capital. Think insureance salesman convention, but replace insurance salespeople with girls, girls & strippers, with dildos, whips, & leather outfits. This festival focuses openly on what most would only dare explore in a dark, locked basement. Everyone will enjoy this festival.

Look out for:The body artists who think tattoos are mere kid play. The insane body modifications will leave you gawking.

9. The Love Parade

Berlin, Germany - July The Love Parade is everyone's fantasy, it is the largest rave ever. While not officially a sex related event, there are enough beautiful hot young German people there to make it a Golden Gate Park 1969 Event. 1.5 million people fill the Berlin streets dancing to the lates techno sounds, entire techno albums are made just to commerate the awesomeness that is is this parade. Guilt free groping, kissing, & fucking go unfettered, you can do whatever you want, & in public!

Look out for: All the huge DJs, Van Dyk, Oakenfold, everyone's here.

8. Mardi Gras

New Orleans, Louisiana - February Music, costumes, culture, this is America's wildest party. In the heat of the New Orleans streets inhibitions are set aside as girls willingly exhibit it all for some beads. This is a horny person's paradise, as certainly action is to be had, as always is the case when people are flashing.

Look out for: This is where like every Girls Gone Wild video ever was filmed, so keep an eye out for the film crew, & then you should probably follow them around.

7. Kutemajärvi Sex Festival

Kangasniemi, Finland - July This is more the intellectual of the sex festivals, professionals five lectures on all aspects of sexuality, and stands display breakthroughs in sex products. However there is plenty of nasty as well, dancers, & preformers tkae the stage & do things that you've only imagined in your head while you were alone, & really really turned on.

Look out for: The Afordite contest, where dream women compete for top honour, in this festival named after a Greek goddess.

6. Hot d'Or

Cannes, France - May Just a few miles from the Cannes Film Festival one of the world's most presitigious, is the Hot d'Or, the Oscars of porn! This is where porn stars gather! Silicone, stilettos, and PORN STARS, line the beach! As usually happens when you combine porn stars, sex all the time, everywhere, nudity, stripping! In France!

Look out for: The post award ceremony parties, not like you'll be invited, but you could watch the people going there anyway.

5. International Erotic Film Festival

Barcelona, Spain - September Less an exclusive event than it's Cannes counterpart. This Barcelona film festival is more comprehensive as well, the mission so to speak is to break the taboos associated with porn, & sex products. There are porn movies showing all the time, pretty much continuous, & stars are there to talk about their acting skills, there's even a lingirie show, & a fetish party.

Look out for: Live sex shows! Those are so cool, especially when they involve two girls. It's like watching a state of the art film, state of the art basically because it's real.

4. Nudes-A-Poppin' Pageant

Ponderosa Sun Club, Roselawn, Indiana - July & August This is a sexy pageant in Indiana's most infamous nudist resort, how much is that saying, a lot because hundreds of beautiful naked women will be lined up in competition for the Miss Nude crown. However don't expect to see anything more than some erotic dancing, & volleyball.

Look out for: The group photo, there has never been so many naked women in one photo before.

3. Folsom Street Fair

San Francisco, California - September If you're in the mood for latex, leather, & a good dose of subjigation, San Francisco is your town. Folsom Street Fair is a definite S&M celebration, taking up several SOMA city blocks, this fair allows for all types of ticklers, toys, rubber suits, & leather masks. You will be amazed at the creativity of people when they're horny.

Look out for: The demo stands, where you can watch, or you yourself can give the whip a good crack.

2. Erotica

London, England - November Proclaimed as the largest erotic festival on the planet, London's Erotica presents sexuality in a casual manner. Live shows, erotic jewelery, & a lot of obviously interested in this type of thing people, make this event really really cool.

Look out for:The "Singles Point", full of young, this is England so okay looking people, but all looking for a night out, a good night, basically a sex night out.

1. Exotic Erotic Ball

San Francisco, California - October San Francisco again, two on the list, including this number one spot. Going back 25 years the Exotic Erotic Ball remains one of the world's wildest parties. All the sexy people show up to unleash their inner beasts, & their outer breasts. Dance parties, strip shows, & mind(head)-blowing live sex preformances.

Look out for: Well you don't really have to look that hard for it, but the huge giant drink glasses with the women bathing inside.

If you know anyother places worth visiting let us know :)


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Police Break Up Delhi Prostitution Ring

Delhi police raided a New Delhi hotel and arrested a movie actress, a television actress, two college students and an alleged pimp in an effort to break up what the Times of India newspaper described as a major prostitution ring in India's capital.

The raid took place late Saturday after police were tipped off about the prostitution racket, the newspaper said Monday.

A police spokesman said he could not confirm the story because he was still awaiting a report from officers in the field.

The Times only identified the alleged pimp, Naveen Jain, by name. But it said the actress regularly flew up from Bombay, the heart of India's film industry, to take 'on business', the television actress was believed to have recently starred in a music video, and the two college girls were lured by the promise of easy money.

Jain has reportedly given police the name of his alleged boss, the Times said.

The hotel, described as 'posh' by the newspaper, is in Connaught Place, the British-built hub of New Delhi that has fallen on hard times-- and grown increasingly seedier-- as the city has expanded to the south. The hotel was not named.

Source: Times of India

White Van Sex Maniac Captured

A nightclub bouncer known as the "white van man" after he sexually assaulted women in three counties was in jail yesterday after being identified by a family member's DNA.

James Davies, 32, was caught last month, five years after his last attack. Because he was not known to police, he had evaded capture. But thanks to advances in DNA testing, the case was reopened and samples taken from the crime scenes, in Farnborough, Hants, Eaton Socon, Cambs, and Bozeat, Northants, threw up a near match to a relative's DNA, which led police to Davies, who was a perfect match. He was jailed for four and a half years at Northampton Crown Court yesterday, after admitting sexually attacking three women as they walked alone.

Davies, of Camberley, Surrey, earned his nickname because of the transport he used after each attack.

Advice For Getting Wild In The Wild

On a very serioius site about going outdoors, I have also found several advices about how to have sex when you are in the wild. So, for all you nature lovers here they are.

Camping can be a special time for a couple. Whether it is a first weekend away or a well-deserved break from the kids, camping can be a time for couples to discover each other, unwind, relax, and in the words of Austin Powers, "shag." Although there isn't a specific protocol for getting wild in the wild, we offer you ten tips to help prevent annoying nearby campers, or getting caught in a compromising position.

Keep it quiet. Sure it may seem outright primeval to just let it all hang out but your cries of passion can be downright annoying to those around you. Whether you have to bite down on something or hold a sweatshirt over your face try to keep the noise down to a minimum. This is especially true along water where sound can travel for great distances.

Bodily fluids are tough on sleeping bags. Sweat and body oils work on breaking down the materials of your sleeping bag. If you have plans to answer the call of the wild when on your camping trip consider bringing a blanket to absorb the brunt of your activity.

Be careful in bear country. There is a lot of debate on whether doing it in the wild attracts bears. There have been several documented cases of couples being attacked during or just after the act. What isn't know is whether the attack was brought on by the odors and/or noise of the activity, or due to inattention to the fact that a bear is in the campsite. If you are in serious bear country, consider saving the urge for another time.

Watch out for the RV rock. If you are in an RV or trailer, be careful that the old, "if the trailers rocking, don't come knocking, " clich� doesn't apply. Consider doing your thing on the floor, closer to the natural center of gravity to keep the dishes from rattling and the springs squeaking.

Pack it in, pack it out. Most everyone loves getting on, but few of us like dealing with the mess afterwards. Used contraceptives covered in bodily fluids are animal magnets. You should never burn or bury these materials. Store them in a double sealed plastic bag with the rest of your trash and pack it out for proper disposal. You shouldn't keep used or soil materials in your tent with you either.

Keep things private. Sometimes the urge can come at the most inopportune time and one thing can lead to another. Make sure that some passionate kissing doesn't turn into an outdoor spectacle of afternoon delight, especially in a frontcountry campground where kids could be passing through.

Don't recreate scenes from Here to Eternity or The Temp. Consummating your love in the water can be a very exhilarating experience but can cause serious medical issues afterwards. A number of water borne diseases can be introduced in compromising areas, as well as a variety of parasites. Natural hot springs are also incubators for a variety of bacteria.

When you roll in the hay, choose the spot wisely. If the urge hits you while out in the woods and you find yourself knocking boots on the ground all natural, choose your real estate wisely. Stinging nettles and even worse, poison ivy, oak and sumac are very unforgiving of being trampled. We actually know of a couple that will remain nameless that ended up in the emergency room after an impromptu frolic.

Never assume you are alone. Anyone who has years of hiking and camping under their belt will tell you this one. Sooner or later your luck is going to run out and not everyone who spots you in the act is going to make a big deal about it. Of course if the whole voyeuristic thing adds to your excitement, then assume you're being watched and carry on. All but one editor on our staff has been caught in the act or stumbled across a couple doing their thing.

If you did bring the kids, forget it. Even if they are in a separate tent on the other side of the campground, children have built in sibling preventative radar. They seem to know just the right times to become ill, need to go to the bathroom, or become afraid of some strange noise they just heard, possibly because you didn't follow advice item number one.

We certainly aren't recommending not answering the call of the wild during a camping trip. If every animal in the woods kept it to a hotel room there wouldn't be any place for a human to stay. Just keep in mind that all sorts of people are sharing the wood with you. You don't want your time alone to become a traumatic experience for a passing child or wind up as a submission for the TV show, Caught On Tape. Just use some common sense and you will have a, "shagadelic," good time without any interruptions.

Toronto Search For A Sex Offender

TORONTO -- The Toronto Police Service is requesting the assistance of the public in identifying a potential sex offender.

It is alleged that:

  • the man has approached several girls in Toronto grocery and department stores
  • he crouches down, and then uses a cellphone to try to take photos under the girls' skirts

    The potential sex offender is described as white, 25-30, 5"8"-6', muscular build, clean-shaven, with a brush cut. He was wearing a white dress shirt with blue stripes, blue jeans and he was carrying a black shoulder bag.

    People are reminded to be vigilant and aware of those around them and their children. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 416-808-5204, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or online at

  • Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Indian Woman Arrested For Watching Pornography?

    Chandigarh, INDIA - High drama took place last week when one night at a home when the landlord called the police and complained against his tenant, a woman. The landlord alleged that the woman was watching a pornographic movie with a man who was not her husband. The woman works in a local boutique run by Lalit Kumar. Thursday night, it was learned, that both had worked late hours in the boutique and Lalit's father reportedly asked him to escort the woman to her residence.

    According to the tenant's version, when Lalit reached her house, she asked him to come inside the house and offered him a drink. Before Lalit could leave, the electricity went off and they both started talking to each other. At this, the landlord raised an alarm and called the police.

    Since authorities were able to confirm that there was no power, police instead determined that the landlord was displeased by the single woman having a man in her abode, unescorted. He therefore sought to compound the offense by alledging that they were viewing pornography, a serious crime in this Indian state.

    A single woman having a man, unescorted in her home though does constitute a crime in this conservative society.

    ''There was no question of (sic) [they were not watching] watching a movie because there was no power that time in the area. Yet, we brought Lalit to the Police Station and booked him under Section 109 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (relating to unmarried cohabitation). He was bailed out later. There has been no complaint from the woman's side,'' said Inspector Ajaib Singh, SHO, Police Station-34.

    Police have also seized a number of CDs from the woman's house and would be scrutinising them.

    Sexy Vegetarian Ad

    Another sexy ad which promotes vegetarian diet. Hmm...I guess it does makes you wonder. But..naaah...its not working for me.

    Oswego Major Arrested For Sex Solicitation

    OSWEGO, N.Y. -- Mayor John Gosek was conditionally released from custody Saturday after appearing in federal court to face a charge that he used a telephone to solicit sex from a minor, federal prosecutors said.

    Gosek, 58, was arrested and jailed Friday night. On Saturday, U.S. Magistrate George Lowe released him with an electronic monitor and scheduled a detention hearing Monday. He is confined to his house.

    According to court papers, Gosek was arrested after paying a confidential informant $250 to introduce him to two 15-year-old girls at a hotel.

    The federal charge carries a sentence of five to 30 years in prison, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

    "I want to make it clear the charges do not allege he had sexual relations with a minor," defense attorney James Eby said. "It charges he talked on a telephone about having sexual relations. He adamantly denies ever having sexual relations with a minor."

    State police began an investigation of Gosek nearly two years ago, recording conversations of Gosek offering money or drugs in exchange for sex, court documents said. The FBI joined the investigation in April and put a wiretap on Gosek's city-owned cell phone.

    "It's not just talk. There's a pattern of him using the cell phone and attempting to entice women," Assistant U.S. Attorney John Katko said. "Sometimes the women are adults, sometimes they're not."

    Gosek, a Republican, is in his second term as mayor of Oswego, a city of about 17,900 along Lake Ontario, 34 miles north of Syracuse.

    Source: The Post-Standard,

    Erotic But Scary AIDS / HIV Ads

    When I look at this "sexy" ads that warn people about the dangers of AIDS / HIV, i simply loose my sexual appetite completely.

    Saturday, September 17, 2005

    Some Interesting Sex Facts

    - Both women and men are most likely to have their first orgasm alone.
    - The US has more laws governing sexual behavior than every country in Europe combined.
    - A condom will lasts about a month in a wallet before the rubber gets worn down by friction, making it more likely to break.
    - The record for male orgasms is 16 in one hour.
    - According to a 1996 study, homophobia men show a higher arousal rate when shown gay porn than do men with ambivalent attitudes toward homosexuals.
    - Jews and atheists have more sex partners than Catholics or Protestants.
    - A woman sexually peaks in her early 30s, a man in his late teens.
    - Circumcision for Christian males became widespread after doctors claimed it helped curb self-abuse.
    - Thirty percent of men suffer from premature ejaculation.
    - Seventies porn star Annie Sprinkle claims to have had sex with more than 3,000 men.
    - The average amount of male ejaculate is about one tablespoon, or 10cc, which is how the bands 10cc and Lovin' Spoonful got their names.
    - White women get 97% of boob jobs.
    - Texas law makes it illegal for a woman to own more than six sex toys.
    - Brainy chicks are kinkier. College grads have more oral sex than high school dropouts, and with with Ph.D's are twice as likely to want a one-night stand than those with bachelor's degrees.
    - Oral sex is illegal in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Louisiana, part of Michigan, North and South Carolina, Utah and Virginia. In Idaho, it can get you life in prison.
    - Premarital sex was illegal in Connecticut until the late 1960s.
    - A 15-year old girl in Mississippi can marry without parental consent, but must wait a year to legally have sex with her husband.
    - One in three men cheats on his partner, as opposed to one in four women. Only 28% of female cheaters get caught.
    - Fifteen percent of priests and nuns break their vows of chastity.
    - The vast majority of men come within six minutes of penetration.
    - The age of consent in the US is primarily between 16 and 18. However, in liberal Hawaii, 14-year-olds are allowed to have sex as adults.
    - Receiving oral sex is No. 1 on American males' sexual top 10, with straight intercourse, threesomes and groping in the top five.
    - J. Edgar Hoover, Oscar Wilde, Chief Crazy Horse, Pope Paul II and Pope Julius III, Leonard Bernstein, Alexander the Great, Sigmund Freud, Lawrence of Arabia, Plato, Peter Tchaikovsky and Florence Nightingale were all gay or bi.

    Teens Have More Oral Sex Than Ever Before

    MORE than half of American teenagers aged 15 to 19 say that they have had oral sex, with females and males reporting similar levels of experience, according to the most comprehensive survey of US sexual habits yet conducted.

    The prevalence of oral sex among teenagers, particularly girls, surprised researchers, as did another trend: an increase in lesbian activity among young women. Nearly 15 per cent of 18 to 29-year-old women reported at least one same-sex encounter, more than twice the proportion for young men. Lesbian activity dropped under 10 per cent among 30 to 44-year-old women. Of women surveyed in 1978, only 5 per cent had been in a lesbian relationship in the previous ten years.

    Analysts said that the new finding may reflect anecdotal evidence of a recent trend on university campuses: a desire among some women to be “lugs” — lesbians until graduation. Of the teenagers who said that they had engaged in oral sex about one quarter said that they had not had sexual intercourse and considered themselves virgins. Analysts noted that young people most likely to have oral sex are white children from families with above-average incomes and education. The figure rose to 70 per cent among 18 to 19-year-olds.

    The research, released by the US Government’s National Centre for Health Statistics, shows that teenagers do not consider oral sex to be nearly as significant as did their parents’ generation at that age. In the sexual surveys conducted in 1947 and 1953 by Alfred Kinsey, only 10 per cent of males said that they had performed oral sex on a woman before marriage, when most would have been in their teens. The number of women who had given oral sex to a man before marriage was 19 per cent.

    Claire Brindis, Professor of Paediatrics at the University of California, said: “It’s part of kids’ lives. Oral sex is far less intimate than intercourse. It’s a different kind of relationship.” Dr Brindis said that many teenagers, raised in an environment where they are warned about the risks of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases, have accepted that postponing intercourse is a good thing and have decided that oral sex is an alternative.

    Jennifer Manlove, an analyst with the research group Child Trends, said: “Some teens do not consider oral sex to be sex. A very significant proportion of teens has had experience with oral sex and may think of themselves as virgins. We’re not sure whether these teens who have not had sexual intercourse are engaging in oral sex because they view it as a way to maintain their technical virginity or because they regard it as an easy method of birth control.

    In addition to equal female participation in oral sex, the survey also found that the number of schoolgirls having one night stands equals that of boys. The findings will stir debate in the US about abstinence- only sex education, which is backed by the Bush Administration. While they suggest that it may be persuading more people to delay intercourse, Dr Brindis said that teenagers “may not have been given a strong enough message about the risks of oral sex”, which can lead to sexual infections.

    Source: National Centre for Health Statistics

    Stupid Sex Offender Videotapes The Evidence

    FARGO, N.D. -- A man thought he might get a protection order lifted by secretly videotaping himself having sex with the woman he was told to leave alone. He was wrong, police said. Justin W. Fraase, 26, gave the video to an officer, expecting it to show the woman didn't fear him. Instead, the tape revealed more than enough evidence for his arrest, police said.

    "He obviously didn't watch it before he gave it to us," Lt. Tod Dahle said. Fraase was charged Thursday with sexually assaulting the woman two days earlier in his apartment. A judge set his bail at $50,000 cash or bond. The woman, who has two children with Fraase, said he called her over to his home to discuss the custody of their kids.When she arrived, he cornered her and wouldn't let her call for help until she had sex with him, she told police. "I was terrified," she said Thursday. "I didn't know what to do."

    Afterward, Fraase showed her a camcorder and told her he had taped them.Assistant Cass County State's Attorney Leah Viste watched the video and charged Fraase with three felonies: gross sexual imposition, felonious restraint and violation of a protection order. She also charged him with surreptitious intrusion and simple assault, both misdemeanors. The video, which Viste said is 30 to 40 minutes long, includes audio of the woman's struggle and makes it clear she didn't want the sex, Dahle said. "He provides us the videotape and doesn't realize that there's all this evidence on there that ends up putting him in jail on all these felony charges," Dahle said. "So basically he arrested himself."

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Very Naughty Donald Duck

    How on earth could someone designed this Donald Duck ride toy in this way? Even his position is provocative (hands behind his back, eyes that look "down"). I mean did anybody "tested" this naughty Duck before it went to a production line? It makes you wonder.


    Jude Law's Penis Not So Small As Claimed

    After all the media hyped about Jud Law's small penis I had to take a look for myself. I finally found a photo of Jud Law's famous penis and as far as I can see his "buddy" looks quite normal to me - not bad at all. Unless you believe men on cybersex channels who are reporting the minimum penis size of 8 inches. Yeah right. :)


    Is That Webcam On???

    HOLLAND - Very funny photo. Mum enters the daughters room not realizing that she is using webcam to talk with her boyfriend. You can see the result. Click on a photo for a better view :)

    Vietnam Sex y Singer Jailed For Pimping

    Hanoi, Vietnam - A 22-year-old Vietnamese woman singer was sentenced five years in prison for acting as a mediator for prostitutes and sex buyers, local newspaper Saigon Liberation reported Wednesday.

    The People's Court in southern Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday handed down the sentence on Anh who started prostituting herself and then introduced other local women, who were mostly lesser well-known singers and models, to customers paying for sex as early as November 2003. The prostitutes got $100-200 US dollars each from a buyer, and Anh took a brokerage fee of $18-50 dollars.

    The singer and two other local women were caught red-handed when they were having sex with customers in a hotel in the city in July 2004.

    To date, Vietnam has compiled records on about 13,000 prostitutes.

    Vietnamese models and actresses working in the sex industry is a continuing issue in Vietnam, Asian Sex Gazzete reported in May that police discovered and arrested seven models and actresses, which included Anh, for their involvement in a prostitution ring in Ho Chi Minh City (see: Prostitution ring of models, actresses uncovered in Vietnam).

    The models and actresses were found to be charging between $100-$500 USD for sex from their customers, far above the average rate charged by brothels of $20-30 USD per session. In a country such as Vietnam which struggles with poverty, the draw of fast money in such large amounts has proven to be very tempting for women who like to live an above average lifestyle.


    Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    Threesome Sex In A Movie Is A NO NO For American

    TORONTO, CANADA - A murder mystery surrounding a 1950s lounge act took center stage at the Toronto Film Festival Tuesday, with attention focused not on the film’s noirish style, but on a controversial NC-17 rating because of a torrid sex scene, which could cramp its U.S. distribution.

    Atom Egoyan’s “Where the Truth Lies” focuses on a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis-type comedy duo that falls apart when a dead woman is found in their hotel suite after a night of partying.

    The film jumps between the 1950s, when the duo were at their peak, and the 1970s, when a reporter, played by Alison Lohman, tries to unlock the mystery of the dead woman.

    But what has hearts aflutter at the ratings board is a racy menage-a-trois scene involving stars Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth -- who play the fictional entertainers Lanny Morris and Vince Collins -- and Rachel Blanchard.

    “It’s crazy, it’s totally outrageous, it’s very upsetting, and I can’t understand it,” the 45-year-old Egoyan said about the Motion Picture Association of America’s decision to apply the rating, which will keep under-18s from seeing it and could make it a tough sell in conservative U.S. markets.

    Egoyan said the board’s complaints centered on the amounts of “thrusting” in the sex scene, but he still found resistance after he trimmed the scene down, suggesting perhaps there was more to the objections. “I think even though from the beginning they were saying it’s not because of the homosexuality, I think it is. But they can’t say that,” he said in an interview along with co-star Bacon in a Toronto hotel suite.

    Egoyan said the scene, in which the three actors appear naked, was choreographed so as not to show too much, and sits at a crucial point in the film, meaning it could not be removed without taking away from the story. “It looks like a very rich studio movie, and you probably don’t expect in that format to go to the places this film does, because a lot of the films now that are using more sexualized content are lower budget and feel gritty,” he said.

    For Bacon, 47, the role is the latest of many where he has taken dramatic risks, following closely on the heels as his turn as a pedophile in “The Woodsman”. As Morris, Bacon plays a wise-cracking song-and-dance guy against Firth’s proper English gentleman. The two actors, who had never met before this movie, had to transform themselves into a believable comedy act in just weeks.

    The character also has a darker, more manipulative side, which was an attraction for Bacon. “As an actor, I’ve always believed we have dark sides to ourselves. I do have that Lanny side to me, where I could, in another set of circumstances, do some drugs and order up a couple hookers,” he said later at a press conference.“Even though that’s not the life I live, at least right now, that still hasn’t totally gone away,” he said with a grin.

    REUTERSCopyright 2005 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.


    Amateur Mobile Phone Sex Videos For Sale

    ATHENS, GREECE - An Athens mobile phone dealer has been arrested for allegedly selling thousands of amateur sex videos downloaded from cellular phones brought to his shop for repairs, police said Tuesday.

    The arrest followed a sting operation on Monday in which the suspect allegedly transferred 183 pornographic videos to the cellular phones of undercover electronic crime squad officers for a total fee of euro15 (US$18), police said in a statement.

    The footage had been recorded and stored by the dealer's clients on their mobile phones for private use. The files were allegedly transferred to the cellular phones of the arresting police officers via bluetooth wireless connections. Thousands of such sex videos were also found stored on computer hard drives seized in the shop.

    The suspect, who was identified only as a 44-year-old Greek, faces charges of distributing indecent material and breach of privacy, the police announcement said.

    Sexy Renova Toilet Paper Ad

    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    Arabic Trojan Interupts Porn Surfing And Displays Koran Messages

    Security experts today issued a warning after detecting a malicious Trojan horse which tries to interrupt the surfing of adult websites by displaying messages from the Koran.

    The Yusufali-A Trojan monitors users' surfing habits by examining the title bar of the active window. If the Trojan finds a key word such as 'teen', 'xx', 'sex' or 'penis', it minimises the window so that the user cannot see its content and displays a message from the Koran instead.

    The message, which is partly written in Arabic, contains the following English text: "Yusufali: Know, therefore, that there is no god but Allah, and ask forgiveness for they fault, and for the men and women who believe: for Allah knows how ye move about and how ye dwell in your homes."

    Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said: "Unlike other malware, it appears that this Trojan isn't trying to steal money or confidential information, but acts as a moral guardian instead, blocking the viewing of websites it determines as unsavoury. Of course, it's possible for the Trojan to make mistakes and block sites that are not pornographic, such as medical sites or social sites designed for teenagers."

    Yusufali-A continues to display messages if the offending website remains open, and after a while displays a button labelled 'For Exit Click Here'. As soon as the mouse is moved the box changes to show vertical bars and the text 'OH! NO i'm in the Cage'.

    The box contains LogOff, ShutDown and Restart buttons and the mouse pointer is locked within the confines of the box. All the buttons actually cause the computer to logout.

    "This Trojan may have been written as a joke, or as a serious attempt to clean up the habits of internet users," said Cluley.

    "Whatever the reasons behind its creation, computer users should protect their systems with up-to-date antivirus software, security patches and a proper firewall."


    Britain's First Sex Superstore

    CARDIFF, UK - They say size isn't everything. But Britain's first sex superstore couldn't help boasting yesterday when it opened its doors with the biggest selection of lingerie, handcuffs and PVC wear in the country. At 4,000sqft, Ann Summers in Cardiff's Queen Street is three times bigger than its normal high street shops.

    The chain, famed for its sales parties and spicy stores, picked the capital for its first superstore after discovering Welsh consumers are among the most enthusiastic devotees of its risque products. Chief Executive Jacqueline Gold said: "Wales has always been a very good part of the country for us with some of the highest sales of any area. It seemed a good place to trial this new store."

    The company's top selling products in Wales include the infamous Rampant Rabbit vibrator and edible thongs as well as masseuse-style lingerie.

    There is a brand new range of bondage equipment, complete with animal print basques and matching cuffs, and one entire wall is occupied by serried ranks of vibrators and other sex toys.

    Ms Gold said that attitudes had changed since she started selling sex toys to women at the age of 21.

    "At the first parties girls were giggling at the vibrators. Now customers are much more product aware and they are more interested in sizes, speeds and shapes. I think Ann Summers can take some credit for that, certainly making sex toys much more accessible."


    Hurricane Katrina Displace Sex Offenders

    BATON ROUGE, La. -- Although nearly 4,500 registered sex offenders lived in the 14 parishes hit by Hurricane Katrina, the Department of Corrections is most worried about fewer than 300 - those who ordinarily check in at parole offices closed by the storm.

    Department spokeswoman Pam Laborde said that includes 110 in Jefferson Parish, 136 in the two New Orleans offices, and 23 in St. Bernard Parish.

    The Corrections Department set up a toll-free number - 1-800-342-6110 - for any evacuee on probation or parole to register their current location.

    Nearly 4,500 registered sex offenders lived in the 14 parishes hit by Hurricane Katrina. They probably left their home parish, and may have left the state in the storm's evacuation.

    The seven with the worst damage and the most people displaced by the hurricane and flooding include 3,300 of those offenders, according to the Louisiana State Police sex offender registry.

    Florida requires certain registered sex offenders to ride out a hurricane in jail, but Louisiana has no policy in regard to sex offenders during hurricanes or evacuations. That means those registered in the system could end up in shelters or communities across Louisiana and in other states.

    Shelters and communities that take in evacuees can check people's names against the state or national sex offender registry, and should use available state and national resources if they have concerns, he said.

    Saturday, September 10, 2005

    Back To The Real Sex Nasty Teachers

    Toni Woods admitted having sexual contact with five middle school students, State Police said. Braxton County residents said they were shocked and disappointed after a middle school teacher was accused of sexually assaulting five of her students.

    Toni Lynn Woods, 37, remained in the in the Central Regional Jail in Sutton Friday on $100,000 bond. The Strange Creek woman faces eight counts of third-degree sexual assault. State Police said Woods admitted to having sexual intercourse with three of her students and oral sex with two others.

    The charges are a shock to a community that Woods has called home all of her life.

    "I think it's pretty crazy being a teacher and all," said Braxton County resident Ryan Dusenberry. "She taught my sister. She taught my cousins and all that."

    Mary Collins of Nicholas County called the allegations sickening. "It's awful that we can't send our children to school and be safe and worry about an adult taking advantage of a situation," Collins said.

    The students claimed the assaults began at the beginning of the school year and ended just last week. Woods has resigned from her teaching job and turned in her teaching certificate.

    Sex News That Cannot Be Trusted

    I found this article on but somehow I dont think it can be trusted too much. Anyway as an idea it doesn't sound to bad.

    In a bold attempt to get students to pay attention during class, school boards across the country are ordering their teachers to dress sexy.

    "It's a lot easier than trying to make the subjects more interesting," says Booker Werm, a top administrator on the National Teacher's Council.

    Female teachers are being instructed to wear low-cut blouses, push-up bras, and short, tight skirts. Male teachers are being asked to grow their hair long, wear form-fitting shirts, and a cod-pieces.

    "We're also being told to bend over as much as possible," says one female fourth-grade teacher.

    While some teachers resent dressing up as sex objects, many of them clearly relish the opportunity.

    "It's fun to watch these young boys get all excited," says one math teacher. "And unlike teaching them algebra, I feel like I'm 'educating' them in ways that they will really use in life."

    An English teacher agrees: "The kids certainly pay a lot more attention, even if they do snicker whenever I say the word 'conjugate.' "

    For years it was considered bad form for teachers to flaunt their sexuality. But the case of Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who was arrested and imprisoned for seducing one of her 12-year-old students, changed things.

    "Even though Mary went overboard by having sex with the boy, we took notice that attendance in her class was outstanding, and the kids got higher grades," says Werm. "Schools are competing with television, movies and music videos for our youths' attention," says Werm. "All of these are filled with hot looking guys and gals. We watched our students yawning and thought 'We have to sex up our product. But schools have no money to pour into making curriculum changes," Werm says. "So we figured the easiest way was just to get the teachers themselves to tart themselves up."

    Some teachers are even using sex to teach lessons. One math instructor teaching fractions stood in front of her class in her bra and panties and asked, "This is what percent of a complete outfit?"

    And a female chemistry teacher started stripping and said, "You boys notice what is happening 'down there?' That's an example of a chemical reaction."

    Most students seem to be all for the change.

    "I still daydream in class," says Melvin Champ, a seventh-grader. "But at least now I daydream about my teacher, so that's positive."

    But Alicia Plum, a classmate of Champ's says, "I can barely get the boys to notice me, with Miss Nicholas wiggling around the front of the room."

    And some parents are incensed. Mina Jones, mother of a sixth-grader says, "When I tried to home school my son, Johnny, using some of these same methods, I got arrested."


    Friday, September 09, 2005

    Sex Life Begins At Forty

    Nookie better older, say wives
    By Paul Gallagher at

    MARRIED women over 40 say they are enjoying the best sex of their lives. As their children grow up and fly the nest, more than three-quarters say romps are better than in their 20s. Most rated their sex life "good", with a delighted 20 per cent calling it "amazing". And almost half say they want sex more than ever - with three in 10 admitting they cannot stop thinking about nookie.

    Relationship counsellor and sex expert Julia Cole said: "Older women have a greater capacity for satisfying sex than younger women. They know what they like and won't settle for groping and a lack of experience."

    The findings revealed in The National Over 40s Sex Survey 2005 included more than half of all couples saying they had more sex once children left home. It also found that unlike younger women, 75 per cent of over 40s "feel confident about their body during sex" and are "more adventurous in bed". Only 30 per cent think a face-lift, boob job or liposuction would boost their bedroom antics. Of the 2,000 women polled, just nine per cent said sex was better before they got hitched.

    Hunk George Clooney was their dream guy over 40. They voted Sharon Stone, star of racy thriller Basic Instinct, the sexiest older woman.A frustrated eight per cent moaned that their current sex life was "non existent".

    Soccer Coach Sentenced For Sex With Teen Girl

    A soccer coach who had teams in both Rockland County and New Jersey was sentenced Tuesday to six to 20 years in prison for having sex with an underage girl on his team.

    Rockland Judge Kenneth Resnik sentenced Mark Starolpoli, 50, of Blauvelt, for five rape convictions. A jury convicted Staropoli in July of 38 felony charges and one misdemeanor involving the sexual relationship, which started when the New Jersey girl was 15 years old.

    Staropoli, a married father of soccer-playing daughters, faces similar charges in New Jersey involving the same girl, his daughter's teammate on the Clarkstown Sports Clubtraveling team. Staropoli was a longtime soccer coach for under-16 and under-13 girls' teams run by the Clarkstown Sports Club. Staropoli's lawyer, David Goldstein, said his client maintains his innocence and would appeal the jury conviction to the state Appellate Division. He has said the girl's testimony conflicted with other evidence, and that the jury compromised on some rape charges. He said his client had telephone records and other evidence showing he was not in the county, despite the girl's testimony that he was. Goldstein said Staropoli was with his family during times the girl said she was raped.


    Food 4 Porn Campaing

    My friend at brought this news to my attention.

    At the PLAYTIME adult store in Edison, Del Monte green beans are stacked near the Tantric love oils.
    The store is touting its "Food 4 Porn" campaign, which offers free porn DVDs to customers who donate canned goods between now and Thanksgiving.

    "There are people starving in the U.S. It's abominable, it's just not right," said owner Deirdre Krasner.

    This isn't Playtime's first fling with philanthropy. Two years ago, it sent more than 100 sex toys to the women of Iraq, an effort it called "operation vibration." ("I feel very strongly about women being suppressed," explained Krasner.)

    Earlier this year, Playtime sent condoms to a small town in Australia where the local pharmacist was anti-birth control. But when Krasner wanted to help victims of December's tsunami, she sent money, not merchandise. Yes, Krasner admits, she wants the publicity. But she also wants to help, she says.

    "If we can do something small, and it makes a difference, that's just great."

    Not everyone applauds Krasner's efforts. The U.S. military rejected her offer to send sex toys to female troops. Some local charities didn't want her free food, according to Krasner. But the Starfish food pantry in Plainfield agreed to accept the goods.

    In more ways than one, Krasner wants to change the image of porn shops. "We aren't the small, grimy store with the guys in the trench coats," says manager Michael Drake. Krasner likes to describe Playtime as "Victoria's Secret meets smut."

    During the slow hours before lunch, corseted female clerks drift through the store, polishing displays with feather dusters. That aside, with its fluorescent lights and new wall-to-wall carpeting, Playtime resembles any chain store you'd find at a mall. Except this one is X-rated.

    In addition to the peep show booths walled-off near the entrance, Playtime stocks phallic novelty items and blow-up dolls in all shapes and sizes.

    But Playtime's hottest-selling items, so to speak, are the hundreds of devices -- some battery-operated, some not -- that hang on a back wall and can't be described in a daily newspaper. These include "functional erotic art" objects made of Pyrex that cost up to $400 apiece. As the staff will genially inform you, the "art" can be heated or chilled for...well, you don't need an explanation.

    In fact, it's Krasner's father's sex shop. Her dad, John Krasner, of Pennsylvania, opened it in 1971, making it the oldest continuously open adult store in Jersey, claims Deirdre, who took over the store five years ago. John Krasner was occasionally jailed on obscenity charges, but in Deirdre's eyes, he was a hero, fighting the forces of censorship and prudishness.

    "He was never hypocritical about sexuality," she said. "He knew that the world revolved around sex. He was ahead of his time. These days, it's used to sell everything, even yogurt."

    Deirdre's goal is to "mainstream" porn by cultivating female shoppers, who already comprise half the patrons, she says.

    An ex-biology major and aspiring sex therapist, Harkin was shopping at Playtime with her boyfriend last year when the couple spotted a "help wanted" sign.

    "He said, 'You should apply.' It just seemed like a lot of fun," said Harkin, 22. "The people who work here are very open-minded."

    So, apparently, are the customers. Staff have seen everyone from moms and daughters to octogenarians, they say. But as Krasner knows, if the thrill were no longer illicit, there wouldn't be much use for titillating fortune cookies and cherry-flavored lubricant.

    "Naughty excites people," she said. "I sell a lot of stuff because of naughty."


    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Malaysian Homemade Porn VCD

    Kuching, Malaysia - Another VCD pornographic movie featuring local malaysian girl has been selling like hot cakes in the city despite the authorities efforts to curtail the distribution of pornographic materials. The star of the VCD, a woman in her 20s, can be clearly seen showing a Malaysian identity card bearing her name and address.

    Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department (CID) head Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC 11) Karn Kam Peng has ordered an immediate investigation. Malaysia has been in the midst of a crackdown on pronography distributors and vendors. Authorities have gone so far as to conducting random spot checks of people's mobile phones to see if they have any pornographic material on them. Yet the hunger for locally made and authentic Malaysian porn seems insatiable. Leading some to beleive that the purposeful showing of the id card was intended as a selling point to atest to the video's authenticity.

    This is the second time in four months that a locally produced pornographic VCD has been widely circulated here. Four secondary school teachers were arrested on July 20 for distributing pornographic materials of a naked student all over Siburan. Nude pictures of the student were said to have been taken by the teachers at a hotel here.

    All pornographic materials and their production are illegal in the conservative and Muslim majority nation of Malaysia.


    Caterina Fired Because She Is Too Sexy

    FANO, ITALY - A Catholic religion teacher claims her good looks have cost her a job at a primary school in central Italy.

    Caterina Bonci, described in the local media as a sexy 38-year-old blonde who likes to wear miniskirts, was fired after 14 years spent teaching religion at a state-run school in Fano. Church officials say the fact that she is divorced makes her unsuitable for the job, as the dissolution of marriage contravenes the will of God. Bonci notes that her divorce dates back to 1995 and suspects other motives behind the sacking.

    "I have always been attacked by my female colleagues and by the rest of the staff because of my beauty," Bonci was quoted as saying on Tuesday.


    Aussie Sexy Teacher Jailed For Four Years

    A high-school teacher from Hobart has been sentenced to four years in jail after pleading guilty to having sex with five teenage boys. Three of the five youths were students at Rose Bay High School, where Sarah Jayne Vercoe was a science teacher.

    Vercoe, 25, pleaded guilty to 11 counts of having sex with boys under the age of 17 and three counts of indecent assault. Vercoe had sex with the boys in a period between December last year and April this year.

    Crown prosecutor Madeline Wilson had told the court that Vercoe acted in a predatory manner and had broken the trust that exists between a student and a teacher. She said Vercoe had lured the four boys to her house for group sex after offering them a lift home from a basketball game and that she had sent regular text messages to another victim.

    Vercoe will be eligible for parole after two years.


    Initial post about this news.

    Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    Monica Bellucci's sexy laugh and Matt Damon

    Italian actress Monica Bellucci reportedly delayed the filming of the movie The Brothers Grimm because she couldn't stop laughing during the sex scenes with co-star Matt Damon.

    According to, director Terry Gilliam got so frustrated that he had to re-shoot the steamy scenes several times because the actress could not stop giggling. But Bellucci insists the laughing helped her relax during the embarrassing scenes.

    She says, "I just found him so funny. It actually helped through. When you have love scenes with someone that you never met before, it's difficult. You have to create a nice situation, a good sensibility. With him it was easy, he just made me laugh."

    Sex between older persons and young teens

    Since early age we are taught that older people know everyting better and that we should learn from them. We are educated by our parents, teachers, and elders about life in general - reading, behaving, dressing up, taking care of ourselfs, finance, how to work, respect, driving name it.

    BUT there is only one thing that for some reason we shouldn't learn from older persons - SEX. For some strange reason its ok for them to teach us about everything in life except sex. We are left to learn about sex and sexuality from the porn movies and from the people of our age who mostly dont know anything anyway.

    I remeber the first time I've tried to have sex with my boyfriend. We were both 15 and well...we both really didn't know too much about it. We tried having sex on 4 different occassions but it just didnt work out. He didnt know what to do, I didnt know what to do to make it easier for myself and him. After 4 "failed" attempts, he became very insecure. He stared avoiding me and finally we broke up. I am sure what happened left the strong influence on his sexual behaviour in later years, just as it left it on mine.

    I really don't see the reason why the cases of consensual sex between older persons and younger teens (regardeless of their sex) should be treated as rape - because they are not.

    Australians Do Have Sex Crazy Teachers Too

    HOBART, AUSTRALIA - THE rape of boys by female is not seen as a heinous crime because of attitudes to young men's sexuality, psychologists have said, after school teacher Sarah Vercoe pleaded guilty over sex acts with her students. Boys are as vulnerable to sexual abuse as girls but less likely to report the crime because of these attitudes, according to Hobart psychologist Peter Nelson.

    With 25-year-old Hobart teacher Vercoe pleading guilty to sexual acts with five teenage boys, the relatively uncommon scenario of boys falling sexual victims to women was revealed. Vercoe pleaded guilty to various sex acts with five teenage boys aged between 14 and 16 while she was a teacher at Rose Bay High School earlier this year. The assumption that teenage boys wanted to have a sexual experience as early as possible made it difficult for society to understand the serious nature of such crimes, Mr Nelson said yesterday. As well as peer pressure to assert themselves sexually, the attitude of adults who should be protecting them could lead to the sexual assault of boys being overlooked.

    He said: "It can be seen as a coming-of-age experience rather than a situation that can be traumatic for boys." Mr Nelson said it was wrong to assume women could not rape boys. Rape is about power and taking away someone's control, he said. "The teacher had power over the boys at the outset," he said. "You could never say they were on an equal footing with her." Clinical psychologist Sabina Lane said female sexual predators were less common than men - but not unusual.

    Dr Lane said society did not generally consider males as victims in sexual assault but adolescent boys were particularly vulnerable. "Their hormones are rife at this age, so to have someone pay them some attention is a nice thing. It can be very exciting," she said. But a nice thing could quickly get out of control, with boys doing things they did not want to do, out of confusion or intimidation. The age of consent protected them from becoming involved in something they did not have the maturity to deal with, she said. If the boy believed it was his fault or that "real men" didn't say no to sex, then the abuse might continue for a lot longer because they kept quiet about it, she said. "Males generally find it difficult to communicate, or communicate differently,so it can be harder for boys to get help," she said. Dr Lane said recovering from rape and sexual assault - like grief - depended on the individual but the response from family members played a huge part in the healing process.