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What Happened With Greg Haidl?

Greg Haidl and two other teens convicted of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl had a hearing scheduled for 26 July 05, in an Orange County courtroom. This hearing was an attempt by the defense to persuade the judge to set the trio's sentencing guidelines as juveniles rather than adults.
The prosecution said that's highly unlikely given the nature of the crimes.

The Gang Rape Video - The Whole Story

Greg Haidl is now 19 and still free. His father, Don, is a millionaire who owns a very nice house near the beach in affluent Orange County. "He's just an average teenage kid, very sensitive, very emotional," says Don. "Just a good, sensitive kid."

But, as CBS NEWS Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports, Greg's sense of morality would be put on display one summer night in 2002, and the evidence would be recorded on tape, by a camera given to him by his father.

Before the infamous videotape was made, Greg had made other typical teenage films with Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann, his friends in San Bernardino. All three boys had parents who split up, and all three shared at least one teenage interest: an obsession about sex.

Vanessa, Melissa and Jenna know Greg as the boy with one foot in the door of wealth and privilege. They say they're not promiscuous at all. They admit that their life in the suburbs isn't bad, but they'd much rather be in a place like Newport Beach, especially in Greg's big, glamorous house. They're too young for bars or fancy clubs, but the "in" place is to be at a good house party, especially at the big, glamorous house Don Haidl owns - where the parents don't monitor every move the kids make.

"We go to parties. Girls are getting drunk, hooking up with whomever," says Jenna. "And then, in the morning, it’s like, 'Oh my gosh.'"

"Hooking up could be from kissing to having sex," adds Vanessa. "Parents don't exactly know what is going on when their kids leave the house."

On July 4, 2002, Haidl invited some of his friends from San Bernardino, including Melissa and Jenna, to his dad's house in Newport Beach. They hung out in the backyard pool and started drinking.

It had nothing to do with Melissa and Jenna, but a new girl who had come along with them. She was someone who Keith had gone out with a couple of times, but she was a girl the other boys hardly knew.

"She was like one of our first friends, where we were like, 'Wow, she's different than us,'" says Vanessa. "She kind of crossed the line at certain points with certain people."

"She was flirtatious," says Jenna. "Very flirtatious." According to Greg's friends, it was a wild night.

"She ends up getting completely naked, and then Kyle is, too, and so they are at the edge of the pool, like on the step, on the stair to get into the pool, and they start having sex," recalls Melissa.

"I had sex with her about five hours later, and about 20 minutes after that, Keith had sex with her, all within a five-hour timespan," says Greg. His father, Don, says he had no idea what had gone on. Besides, his son could always be trusted. "I never saw anything like this in the future, never had no indicators," he says. Things that night got out of hand, but no one could predict what would happen the next night and how it would ruin so many lives, as it was all captured on tape.

For Greg, the next morning, July 5, hit like a hangover. "I was pretty much just in that state of mind that, 'Yeah, I’m having intercourse with a girl.' So, of course, I’m a guy. Of course it’s good," recalls Greg, who says the sex was consensual.

He claims it wasn’t till later that morning, when he spoke with Keith and Kyle, that he realized how wild the night had been. "I thought I was the only one," says Greg. "But all three of us thought we were the only one."

If Greg and his pals were really angry, or even embarrassed, they quickly got over it. By nightfall, they were ready to party again. And a phone call went out to the girl from the night before. The girl was intrigued enough by the invitation to pass it along to her friends, who decided not to go. So the girl told her parents she was spending the night at a friend's house, and headed to Greg's house.

Did Greg and his friends think that they would have sex with her again? "I think that thought crossed my mind," says Greg. "We're teenage guys, we're 17. Of course, it's typical of a male to think that." Greg and his friends say they were completely drunk when the girl showed up. And while all this was happening, Don and his wife were in the main house.

Then, in a decision that would change everything, one of the boys reached for Greg’s camera, and began filming everything. Greg says they started having sex with the girl, only this time, they were all together. "She had the drink and then she started taking off her clothes and just pretty much saying, 'Oh yeah, I’m fine with all three of you guys and stuff like that.'"

In the garage, there was a pool table, and the girl was sprawled on top of it. And the sex was far from ordinary. "Kinky sexual acts. There were different objects. Pool stick and the Snapple bottle, and a Tree Top apple juice can," says Greg. From Greg's point of view, everyone knew what they were getting into that night. Did the girl ever say no? "Not one time," says Greg.

Sometime before dawn, Keith drove the girl back to San Bernardino, which might have been the end of the story. But then, Greg got careless. The next day, he brought the tape they had made to another friend's house, and left it there. A girl who lived in the house watched it, was horrified, and showed it to a neighbor, who happened to be a cop.

The tape and camera would eventually end up in the possession of Orange County Prosecutor Dan Hess. "You couldn't imagine this being a film, an act of passion, an act of sexual gratification. It's a crime," says Hess. One week later, Greg, Keith and Kyle were each arrested and charged with 24 felony counts against the girl, based on the penetrations of the girl, identified by the court only as "Jane Doe."

They will be tried as adults, facing as much as 55 years each in prison. It's something Don can't bear to think about.

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