Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sam Heuston Lesbian Affair

News of UK Big Brother 6 contestant Sam Heuston's affair with friend Claire Whitney is out in the open. Whitney explained, "I had never thought of sleeping with a woman until we met. She has an incredibly high sex drive and she knows how to get what she wants. ... One night Sam, I and another friend called Era went to a bar in Oxford. We were all wearing red hotpants with yellow bikinis. The manager asked us if we would dance on the bar for a few free margaritas.

He then asked us to pass a cherry between us using just our lips. Era passed it to Sam. Sam passed it to me, and then she just kissed me. It was totally unexpected because I thought she was straight. The crowd gave us a big cheer and we just kept on kissing. At first I was a bit embarrassed, but then I realised I actually enjoyed it." Later in bed Sam "showed me a side of me which I didn't know existed." Apparently the pair were together for four weeks until Whitney met a man.

Sam Heuston was evicted from the house - but she's been offered a job presenting on The Adult Channel. Richard Gale, director of marketing and sales for the Playboy TV group that offers the late night satellite pornography, said: "Sam would be the ideal person to present on The Adult Channel. She's got great confidence, clearly loves expressing her sexuality and is a natural in front of the camera."


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