Saturday, August 20, 2005

Man can sue over the mis-diagnosed sex change

Melbourne, AUS - A man who claims he was misdiagnosed as a transsexual will be allowed to sue the medical team that advised him to have a sex change, an Australian appeals court ruled on Friday.

Alan Michael Finch was 21 years old when he underwent a sex change operation to become a woman in 1988.

By 1996, however, Finch said he was "a mess" and struggling to live life as a woman named Helen. The following year, he began another round of surgery and reverted to life as a man.

Three doctors who performed the initial sex-change operation knew he was not a suitable candidate based on a medical report that described his masculinity as above average, Finch said.

Last year, a court in Australia's southern Victoria state granted Finch an extension to the usual six-year time limit on such cases. On Friday, an appeals court rejected an application by the three doctors to have the extension overturned.


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