Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Artemis - The Biggest Whorehouse in Germany

Is due to open in Berlin in September. According to the tabloid daily Bild, which is an expert at scooping such stories, Germany's largest brothel has been built in the capital in time for next year's Football World Cup. The implication presumably being that football fans enjoy the odd visit to hookers between matches.

The romantically-named Artemis, which is laid out over 3,500 square meters, will have room for 100 prostitutes in 60 rooms catering to around 600 guests. Whether the women, the rooms or both work on a rotating shift basis isn't quite made clear.

What has however been confirmed is that, with entry costing €100 and half hourly rates starting at €50, this is being billed as a classy joint. It will boast a cinema, a bar, a restaurant, whirlpool, sauna and wellness area. You even get your own free bathrobe thrown in for good measure.

"Everything is better, more elegant and bigger than normal," is how the brothel's legal representative put it. "This isn't some plush rip-off joint with uninhibited drinking." No plush? No excessive drinking? Certainly not everyone's idea of a brothel.

Source: spegel.de

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