Saturday, July 09, 2005

Those Sexy Mature Women

Are you a glamorous over 40? Great news if you are! A survey has found that men are more likely to choose a great looking older gal over a plain looking younger woman.

"You'd think that men would always go for 20-year-olds, but they don't," said Dr George Fieldman, of Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.

"Men prefer attractiveness over youthfulness when selecting a long-term partner," he told the Daily Mail.

Dr Fieldman and his team carried out experiments by showing men different pix of attractive and not so attractive women of all ages. An overwhelming number of men, including guys in their early 20s, chose attractive older woman aged from mid to late 40s over 'plain Janes' of their own age.

Fieldman has some theories on why this is the case. "The interesting thing is that if men were trying to spread their genes as widely as possible they would go for partners who could bear the maximum number of children.

"The fact that they don't suggests they go for beautiful women as a subconscious strategy to have beautiful children, even if it is not as many. Beautiful children, of course, will be more likely to spread their genes more easily."

This might explain successful toy-boy/older woman relationships such as Ralph Fiennes, 38 whose partner Francesca Annis is 56. So, ladies, keep yourself in shape, make sure to smile and make the most of your beauty... and who knows.. a toy boy could find his way into your Christmas stockings..or even further!


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