Monday, July 25, 2005

Teen Changes Gender

Sydney (AUS) - A 13 year old teenager who believes she is a girl born into a boy's body has won permission to undergo the first stage of gender-changing treatment, with at least four other New South Wales teenagers hoping to secure similar rights. The permission was granted by New South Wales Family Court three weeks ago, in an application supported by family members.

The child's psychiatrist, Louise Newman, said they sought the court's permission to use the hormones to delay pubertal changes because they would prove distressing and unacceptable to the child. Lawyer Rachael Wallbank, herself a transsexual, said she presented the Family Court with evidence that puberty-blockers were reversible and could save the child from self harm or suicide.

Ms Wallbank will soon return to court seeking a precedent setting order that could remove the requirement for children to get Family Court approval for sex change treatment.

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