Friday, July 08, 2005

Sex Party Mum

Silvia Johnson told police she was a "cool mom." But investigators say the mother of three was every parent's nightmare.

The 40-year-old allegedly provided alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamine to eight underage boys during frequent parties at her Arvada, Colo., home between October 2003 and October 2004. And according to court documents, Johnson also admitted to having sexual contact with five of the 16- and 17-year-old boys.

One of the teens, who is being identified only by his first name, John, said: "She basically raped me. There was no consent by me whatsoever." John, who is 19 now but was 17 at the time of the parties, told "Good Morning America" he went to high school with Johnson's daughter, and she invited him over to the house. At the parties, it was essentially a free-for-all. Johnson "would serve us alcohol. She would give us just about whatever we wanted," said John.

Johnson would join the teens' partying, doing shots of tequila, Jack Daniels and vodka, according to John and court papers. In court documents, Johnson said she "was never popular with classmates in high school" and providing alcohol for teens at parties helped her feel "like one of the group."

John admits his recollection of events, including the sexual contact with Johnson, is fuzzy. "She definitely had me consume quite a bit," he said, referring to alcohol. She also gave him a cell phone to keep in touch with him, though John said he never answered it. "I didn't want any contact with her outside the parties whatsoever," he said.

John's mother, Kathy, told "Good Morning America" that the changes in her son were obvious when he started attending the parties.

"He stopped dating, his grades dropped. He didn't behave normally around the house … He was not interested in anything," she said.

John said eventually he got sick of the party scene at Johnson's. "I got tired of being around her. I got tired of being stupid, making bad decisions," he said.

Kathy said she thought she was doing everything right by asking her son where he was going, what the phone number was and if a parent would be there. "In this case, it would have been better if a parent wasn't there," Kathy told "Good Morning America." Police say that what went on inside Johnson's house should serve as a warning for parents.

"As a parent, you just can't say it's OK to go over to a child's home and assume they're safe," said Susan Medina, the Arvada police spokeswoman.

Johnson says the kids were safe in her care. In court papers, she said she gave methamphetamine to the kids because "there was a safety net," and she could control what they were doing.

Johnson allegedly admitted she knew the ages of the kids while engaging in sex with them and serving them alcohol. She is charged with sexual assault, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and distribution of a controlled substance. She is out on bond and has yet to enter a plea.

John's mother wants to see Johnson behind bars. "I don't think she should be out in public," said Kathy. "I believe she's mentally sick and needs treatment."


I m interested in what you think about Mrs. Johnson. Do you think she is mentally sick and if yes why? Because she was having sex with 17 - 18 year old boys, becaise she was supplying alcohol and drugs, or both?

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