Monday, August 01, 2005

Serbian Sex Machine

A Serbian man who has invented a sex machine for women is appealing to western women to test his device. Nesa Proka, from the central town of Krusevac, made the appeal after failing to find any willing Serbian women.

He has taken out a patent on what he says is the "ultimate sex aid" for lonely women after spending three years working on it.

The machine, which runs on a 390 volt electric engine, simulates sex and has a seven and a half inch artificial 'penis'.

He said: "My sex machine has an artificial penis that can make up to 180 moves in a minute. A man can only manage that intensity of movement for about five seconds but the machine can do it for as long as the woman wants. And it comes with a set of controls to fully regulate the speed and intensity a woman for individual sex."

But Proka said he would have to market it in the west because he had not been able to find any Serbian woman to test it out.

"Western women are more liberal. I couldn't find a woman here to try the sex machine," he told local daily Glas Javnosti.

But he did admit that some local women were curious about his invention and a few had come into his garage where he keeps it locked away just to look at it. One reportedly told the newspaper: "If I had a machine like that at home I would never go outside."

Hey I agree with you completely :)

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