Saturday, July 09, 2005

Perth Serial Rapist Strikes Again

A notorious rapist branded a "sex monster" by the West Australian government has allegedly struck again.

Gary Narkle, a diagnosed psychopath, has spent at least 24 years behind bars and almost all his attacks have been committed while on parole. Police believe the 50-year-old dragged his latest alleged victim, a 16-year-old girl, into bushes near a church car park at Armadale, on Perth's eastern outskirts, on Friday night before savagely attacking her. Narkle faced Armadale Magistrates Court yesterday charged with indecent assault, two counts of aggravated sexual penetration, assault occasioning bodily harm and deprivation of liberty.

He was only released from prison after successfully appealing against convictions when a 17-year-old victim was unable to testify against him for a fourth time. West Australian Attorney-General Jim McGinty, speaking in parliament yesterday, branded Narkle a "sex monster" and promised new laws to ensure repeat sex offenders could be locked up indefinitely. He described Narkle's latest arrest as an "appalling breach of the law" and an "absolutely tragic situation".

Also outside court, Detective Sergeant Ricky Chadwick said police would allege Narkle followed the 16-year-old victim when she left a gathering at a house in Armadale they had both attended and assaulted her in a church carpark. The teenager's head struck concrete kerbing when Mr Narkle forced her to the ground, Detective Sergeant Chadwick claimed.

The girl's uncle told The Australian she was a shy teenager who lived with her mother and enjoyed writing.

Shadow attorney-general Sue Walker pledged opposition support for the new legislation and urged the Government to introduce it as a matter of priority.

"We'll be supporting any legislation that protects women in Perth and men from offenders such as Mr Narkle," she said.

However, state Criminal Lawyers Association president Belinda Lonsdale said her association opposed the planned legislation because it could incarcerate a person without a fair trial.

"It's asking doctors to be clairvoyants and jailers," she said.

Ms Lonsdale said she did not approve of the Attorney-General commenting on Narkle in parliament, and said it was inappropriate for any politician to comment on cases that were before the courts. She said people needed to remember that Narkle was presumed innocent of the charges.

"Because he's been made such an example of, he's really actually a vulnerable person in relation to people making complaints against him. It would be easy to make a complaint against Gary Narkle." she said.


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