Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hello Soldier!

The idea of fostering homosexuality among the enemy was mentioned in a US declassified six-year, US 7.5 million request from a laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio for funding of non-lethal chemical weapon research.

The proposal, disclosed in response to a Freedom of Information request, called for developing chemicals affecting human behavious so that "discipline and moral" in enemy units is adversely affected. One distasteful but completely non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused "homosexual behaviour", the document said. Fortunatelly this proposal was rejected.

Source: The Dominion, NZ

The main news here is not the possible new chemical weapon, nor US Army. What intirigued me the most is the notion that by turning soldiers into homosexuals will adversly affect enemy discipline and morale. Does US Government thinks that gays are immoral, undisciplined, and cowards?

I am not gay, but some of my friends are. There are stupid and clever gays, good and bad ones, brave and cowards...just like heterosexuals. Does US Government think that turning enemy soldiers into gays would really change the way those soldiers fight? I don't think so. Ask ancient Greeks.

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