Monday, August 01, 2005

Breast Advertising

A Manchester student has put her breasts up for sale on eBay as advertising space during the Glastonbury Festival.

Cat Camp, 25, is offering to paint her chest with a message of the highest bidder’s choice, reports the Sun. Cat, from Virginia in the US, has already attracted bids from an office furniture company, various websites, and a man planning to propose to his girlfriend.

Her fiance Joe, 37, is also auctioning space on his chest but has only had one bid - from a garden centre. Photography student, Cat, who recently had a cancer scare after finding a lump, says she will give 10% of her earnings to the Breast Cancer Campaign. Cat, who is studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, said she got the idea after dressing up for last year’s festival and turning a lot of heads. "I walked around in a pink sparkly skirt with no top on but my boyfriend painted psychedelic swirls and flowers on my breasts and on my back he painted ’get your titts out for my boyfriend’. I thought this year, because I am graduating, and I obviously have no money, I would like to make my money back from my ticket and if I could make more than that, that would be good. "

Cat says she plans to carry an umbrella if it is raining, but says she will refund the buyer if the weather is too cold to go topless.

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Anonymous said...

damn it, i was going to try to pretend i'm a dying kid just in the hope i was going to get head from a famous actress.