Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fuck For Forest and The Cumshots Concert in Norway

What will happen if you combine the FuckForForest website and the band from Norway called The Cumshots? Well think of it as a Porn Aid concert where money goes to saving our beloved forrests.

Now you can see the famous FFF and The Cumshots porn aid concert, in the site member’s area. Sorry can't help you with that - you have to pay a bit of money if you want to save our environment, plus you can read rapport with girls, public flashing etc. Sounds like it was really a fun day out, isn't it? Just check out a photo from the concert.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Husband Wanted Ad in Sydney

An Australian woman in the market for a husband decided that an advertisement in the lonely hearts column of a newspaper simply wouldn't do. Nor would posting an item on the internet.

So Helen Zou, a 40-year-old Sydney civil engineer, went public in the most dramatic form. She erected a giant billboard at a major Sydney intersection appealing for love.

The billboard, measuring approximately four metres by five metres, sits near the popular Ritz Theatre in the affluent eastern suburb of Randwick.

In blaring capital letters it reads, "HUSBAND WANTED", before continuing: "Beautiful, intelligent Australian Chinese lady seeks to have dream family with a fabulous partner to enjoy a lifetime with".

Zou asks for a man "ideally in good health (non-smoker or drinker)", aged up to 45, "unencumbered and of caucasian appearance [with a] good sense of humour [and a] solid financial background with warm and caring nature".

She also says she would prefer a "businessman or professional background" before asking for "serious replies only" at

Zou resorted to the billboard after earlier attempts to find a partner failed. She had previously been involved in a five-year, transnational relationship with a man.

According to experts, Zou's predicament is not unusual for many young Sydney women — even if her solution is.

In 2001, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 23 percent of Australian households were single-person and that a quarter of women of child-bearing age were likely to remain childless. And the trend has only continued.

Social observers have also blamed a relative abundance of young single women in Sydney for the failure of young men to commit to long-term relationships.

But Zou insists her unorthodox search for a mate is not so strange. "I'm surprised a lot of people think this is special or unusual," she told Sydney's Daily Telegraph.

"It's Australia. There's a lot of freedom here. If you can put up a sign advertising Coca Cola, why not write one about a husband?"

Under Zou's contract with the Australian Posters company, her billboard will stay up for another month — or until her ideal man arrives.

Source: Sydney Herald

Roko "The Porn King" Retires after 1300 Movies

Retiring from porn stardom with 1300 films under his belt, Italian actor Rocco Siffredi claims he is still up to the job but is quitting for "family reasons", the daily La Repubblica reported on Wednesday.

"My children are growing up, and I can no longer just say 'Dad is going to work to make money for the family.' They want to know more," he said of his two sons, aged seven and four.

"It's not my body, which is holding up very well, but for family reasons," he told the paper.

"When I started 20 years ago, it bothered me to see old guys around 40 filming with much younger girls. Now I'm 40 and it's time to go," he said, adding that he would go into filming and producing.

Siffredi described his wife of 13 years, Rosa, a former Miss Hungary, as "sweet and intelligent".

"She absolutely knows the difference between sex for work and sex for love," he said.

Source: La republlica

One Percent of Asexual People in UK

Around one percent of adults have absolutely no interest in sex, a surprisingly high figure that is not far from the estimated three percent of the population who are gay, according to a study reported in next Saturday's New Scientist.

The analysis looked at responses made among 18,000 people in Britain who were interviewed about their sexual practices.

One percent said they agreed with the statement: "I have never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all."

That study, conducted by Anthony Bogaert, a psychologist and human sexuality expert at Brock University in St. Catherines, Canada, is published in the latest issue of The Journal of Sex Research. The British survey was carried out in 1994 as part of a study into sexual practices.

"If asexuality is indeed a form of sexual orientation, perhaps it will not be long before the issue of 'A' pride starts attracting more attention," New Scientist says.

Plucky activists have already started campaigning to promote awareness and acceptance of asexuality, it reports.

One such group, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) has an online store selling T-shirts bearing such slogans as "Asexuality: it's not just for amoebas anymore".

It also sells a thong that reads: "It's only underwear. Get over it."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big Bulge Durex Condom Ad

With barely legal curiosity and longing, the young girl in this ad dreams of the day when a very large Durex condom will come between her and the ripped prince's burgeoning bulge her eyes wistfully yearn. With the headline, "One day you'll wish you had a Durex condom," the ad hearkens early innocence and an "I wonder what that would feel like" eagerness only experienced early in life.

Some might label the ad overly racy or a poor attempt at humor but they would be wrong. The ad is extremely honest conveying natural human desire and sexuality which, all too often, are portrayed with snickers, avoidance and censorship.


Fear Led To Sex With Prison Warden

MELBOURNE, AUS. - A woman who claims she was raped in Melbourne jail by a prison officer today told a trial she later pretended to have consented because she feared being labelled a "rat" or a "dog". The former inmate, who was at the time being treated for a mental illness, told the court she was in jail for breaching bail conditions imposed after she was charged with armed robbery.

The County Court trial has heard the woman, now 26, became pregnant and DNA tests showed the officer, Kelvin Andrew McCann, was the biological father of the subsequently aborted foetus.
Mr McCann, 29, of Caroline Springs, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape.

The jury was told the woman, who cannot be named, had sex with Mr McCann, on June 30, 2003, six weeks after arriving at the jail, the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, at Deer Park in Melbourne's west.

In her opening address last week, crown prosecutor Michele Williams said Mr McCann, who was on night duty alone, went to the woman's cell and told her to go to a supervisor's office.

Today, giving evidence via a video link, the woman said she performed oral sex on Mr McCann as he sat at a desk and had sexual intercourse on "all fours". But she said, she had sex with Mr McCann because she was frightened of him. She said she feared all prison officers and their uniforms "absolutely terrified me". At the time she felt she did not have a choice.

She told other prison officers she had agreed to sex because she had to live within the prison culture.

"You are not allowed to tell, to be a dog or a rat. You can't inform, that's how it works," she said.
She was aware that the other inmates could be "really aggressive" towards someone who had informed. Under cross examination by defence counsel, Stephen Shirrefs, SC, the woman denied that she "craved the attention of male prison officers".

The trial, before Judge Roy Punshon, continues tomorrow.

Husband Charged for Having Sex with Underage Wife

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA - A 22-year-old man faces criminal charges in Nebraska for having sex with a 13-year-old girl, although he legally married her in Kansas after she became pregnant.
The man's lawyer said the couple, with their families' support, "made a responsible decision."

Matthew Koso, 22, was charged Monday with first-degree sexual assault, punishable by up to 50 years in prison.

After the girl became pregnant, her mother gave permission in May for Koso to take her to Kansas, which allows minors to get married with parental consent. The girl is now 14 and seven months pregnant. Nebraska Atty. Gen. Jon Bruning said the marriage is valid, thanks to the "ridiculous" Kansas law, "but it doesn't matter."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Grand Theft Auto Secret Sex Scenes

US politicians have stepped into the storm over secret sex scenes in the best-selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game.

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly called for investigation into the companies behind the game. The uproar is over explicit sexual scenes in the game that can be unlocked with software created by a fan. Last week the game was given an adults-only rating, leading big US stores to stop selling the title.

GTA: San Andreas was originally released in October in the US with an M for mature rating, meaning it was suitable for players 17 and older. But the industry group responsible for ratings, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, changed it to an adults-only rating after a fan of the game found a way to access graphic sexual scenes.

The rating change led to shops such as Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City and Best Buy removing the game from their shelves. The stores have a policy of not stocking titles with an adults-only rating.

GTA's publisher, Take Two, initially denied the scenes were part of the game but later admitted the scenes were contained in the retail version of San Andreas.

The controversy reached the halls of Congress on Monday. The House of Representatives voting 355 to 21 for a federal investigation to determine if the companies behind San Andreas intentionally deceived the industry's ratings board. The vote follows calls by US senator Hillary Clinton for an investigation into who put the sex scenes into San Andreas.

Rockstar Games has stopped producing the current version of the game and is working on a version that will qualify for the M rating. GTA: San Andreas was one of the best-selling games of 2004. The title already has an 18 age rating in the UK.

The GTA series of games has created controversy in the past. Previous versions have been criticised by parent groups and lawmakers for their depictions of violence and sex.

Silvia Johnson Admited Having Sex With 5 Boys

Golden, Colorado,US - A woman who told police she wanted to be a "cool mom" pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges yesterday for having sex with five high-school boys at parties where authorities said she supplied drugs and alcohol.

Silvia Johnson, 40, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault and nine felony counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Detective R. J. Vander Veen wrote in the affidavit that Ms. Johnson told investigators "she was never popular with classmates in high school and now began 'feeling like one of the group.' "

Each sexual assault count carries a sentence of up to two years in prison, and each delinquency count carries a penalty of up to six years. AP

Read the whole story

Monday, July 25, 2005

Jessica Alba enjoys sex too.

STUNNING actress Jessica Alba says she is up for a one-night stand - as long as the man leaves the next morning.

The curvy 23-year-old, who was recently romantically linked to Hollywood hunk Mark Wahlberg, likes the idea of getting intimate with lots of different people because she loves experimenting in sex.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: "I just wanted to see what it was like to be with different people. I don't think a girl's a slut if she enjoys sex. I could have a one-night stand, and I'm the kind of girl who looks over in the morning and is like, 'Do you really have to be here?' I don't need to cuddle and do all that stuff because I know what it is and I don't try to make it more.

"I feel like a lot of women try to make it into more, so they don't feel so bad about just wanting to have sex. I don't really have a problem with just wanting sex. Never have. Even when I was a virgin and wanted to marry the first guy who I slept with, I never passed any judgments about that. But now I'm done with dating around."

Jessica Simpson Addicted to Sex

Jessica Simpson has confessed she's addicted to sex. The stunning 'Newlyweds' star, who famously remained a virgin until her wedding night to boyband star, Nick Lachey, claims she now loves to have lots of between-the-sheets fun. According to Britain's Daily Sport newspaper, the 24-year-old star reportedly called her mother on her wedding night and said: "I'm having so much fun, I'm so in love and sex is amazing."

The pop babe's marital life was featured in reality TV series 'Newlyweds' which tracked the couple's first year of marriage. Meanwhile, it was reported last week that beautiful Jessica is set to play James Bond's love interest in the next '007' movie. A source said: "Jessica's name is in the frame as a possible new Bond girl. There was talk about Catherine Zeta Jones being cast but it doesn't look like she's going to be available."

Teen Changes Gender

Sydney (AUS) - A 13 year old teenager who believes she is a girl born into a boy's body has won permission to undergo the first stage of gender-changing treatment, with at least four other New South Wales teenagers hoping to secure similar rights. The permission was granted by New South Wales Family Court three weeks ago, in an application supported by family members.

The child's psychiatrist, Louise Newman, said they sought the court's permission to use the hormones to delay pubertal changes because they would prove distressing and unacceptable to the child. Lawyer Rachael Wallbank, herself a transsexual, said she presented the Family Court with evidence that puberty-blockers were reversible and could save the child from self harm or suicide.

Ms Wallbank will soon return to court seeking a precedent setting order that could remove the requirement for children to get Family Court approval for sex change treatment.

Naked Shopping

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police let a nearly naked shopper go home after she told them she was getting groceries in the nude because she lost a spin the bottle contest, a police spokesman in Cologne said Wednesday.

"We're a tolerant city that is open to the world," said spokesman Burkard Jahn. "She could have been arrested for disturbing the peace, but we decided to let her go home with a verbal warning to dress appropriately next time."

The 35-year-old Cologne woman entered the 24-hour shop at 4 a.m. wearing nothing but an unbuttoned jeans jacket, Jahn said. He said police decided to let her go because few people and presumably no small children saw her at that time of day.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Penis Facts

If you would like to find out some basic facts about the most popular male organ - His Majesty Penis (in a rather humours way, may I add) please point your browser HERE. The most important facts (as far as men are concerned) are:

1. Average length of penis when not erect: 3.5 inches
2. Average length when erect: 5.1
3. Smallest natural penis recorded: 5/8 of an inch
4. Largest natural penis recorded: 11 inches

Have a nice day!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Time To Have Sex

The overwhelming majority of the planet’s population have sex at night. Some think thing that darkness increases romanticism. Others are attracted by the subsequent sleep. Married couples make use of the common bed that they share. In reality, night is not the best time for sex, scientists argue.

The scientists measures the contents of sexual hormones among 383 people, who agreed for that. It was a surprise to find out that men and women lived in different sexual time. Women are one hour ahead of men in this respect. The concentration of substances, which cause sexual excitement for men, starts around 7 a.m. The “rush hour” is between 8 and 10 o-clock in the morning. Women wake up sexually at 8 and become passionate between 9 and 10 o’clock in the morning. Another sexual wave starts during the day: from 2 till 4 p.m. among men and from 3 till 5 p.m. among women. The evening sexual time is: from 9 till 11 p.m. among women and from 8 till 10 – among men.

So the time to have the best sex is from 9 till 10 a.m. or from 3 till 4 p.m. or in the evening – from 9 till 10 p.m. However, like the scientists noticed, the morning time is the best, since the sexual hormones are extremely active during this period of a day. Women react better to caresses, some men wake up with their penises already erected. That would be a sin not to use them.

Strange Sex Laws I

The owner of every hotel in Hastings, Nebraska, is required to provide each guest with a clean and pressed nightshirt. No couple, even if they are married, may sleep together in the nude, nor may they have sex unless they are wearing one of these clean, white cotton nightshirts.

An ordinance in Newcastle, Wyoming, specifically bans couples from having sex while standing inside a store's walk-in meat freezer.

A state law in Illinois mandates that all bachelors should be called master, not mister, when addressed by their female counterparts.

In Norfolk, Virginia, a woman can't go out without wearing a corset. (There was a civil-service jobfor men onlycalled a corset inspector.)

In Merryville, Missouri, women are prohibited from wearing corsets because "the privilege of admiring the curvaceous, unencumbered body of a young woman should not be denied to the normal, red-blooded American male."

It's safe to make love while parked in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Police officers aren't allowed to walk up and knock on the window. Any suspicious officer who thinks that sex is taking place must drive up from behind, honk his horn three times and wait approximately two minutes before getting out of his car to investigate.

A law in Helena, Montana, mandates that a woman can't dance on a table in a saloon or bar unless she has on at least three pounds, two ounces of clothing.

Lovers in Liberty Comer, New Jersey, should avoid satisfying their lustful urges in a parked car. If the horn accidentally sounds while frolicking behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, the couple can face a jail term.

Women aren't allowed to wear patent-leather shoes in Cleveland, Ohiothe thinking is that a man might see the reflection of something he shouldn't.

Maryland prohibits the selling of condoms through vending machines in gas stations and stores—with one major exception. Prophylactics may be dispensed by a vending machine only "in places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises."

In Texas, no one other than a "registered pharmacist" may sell condoms or other kinds of contraceptives "on the streets or other public places." No, not even physicians. Anyone who tries to make a few extra bucks doing this will be severely prosecuted for the dire act of "unlawfully practicing medicine."

Kentucky and Idaho limit condom sales to medical practitioners and licensed pharmacists, but their license to sell the items may not be hung on a wall where it can be seen by customers.

Maine licenses condom sellers and the license must always be on public display.

Nevada, with 35 legal bordellos, has no condom problem. The use of condoms in Nevada brothels is compulsory.

Both Indiana and Ohio have laws that prohibit male skating instructors from having sexual relations with their female students. This misdeed, called "the seduction of female students," is prosecuted as a felony. This statute applies only to male teachers. It seems female skating instructors may have sex with male students.


Strange Sex Laws II

There are men in Guam whose full-time job it is to travel the countryside and deflower young virgins, who pay them for the privilege of having sex for the first time. Why? Under the law in Guam, it is forbidden for virgins to marry.

In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands. The husband's lover may be killed in any manner desired.

An 18th century French prostitute could be spared punishment if she were willing to join the opera.

In Mississippi, S & M is against the law. Specifically, "The depiction or description of flagellation or torture by or upon a person who is nude or in undergarments or in a bizarre or revealing costume for the purpose of sexual gratification."

During the Middle Ages, if you were guilty of bestiality you'd be burned at the stake, along with the other party to your crime.

As recently as 1990, these states had laws against the use of dildos: Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Washington D.C.

In Minnesota, it is illegal for any man to have sexual intercourse with a live fish.

In Detroit, couples are not allowed to make love in an automobile unless the act takes place while the vehicle is parked on the couple's own property.

In Oxford, Ohio, it's illegal for a woman to strip off her clothing while standing in front of a man's picture.

An excerpt from Kentucky state legislation: "No female shall appear in a bathing suit on any highway within this state unless she be escorted by at least two officers or unless she be armed with a club."

The only acceptable sexual position in Washington, D.C. is the missionary position. Any other sexual position is considered illegal.

In Michigan a woman isn't allowed to cut her own hair without her husband's permission.

It is illegal for any member of the Nevada legislature to conduct official business wearing a penis costume while the legislature is in session.

In Ventura County, California cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit.

Under Lebanese law, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is expressly forbidden.

A law in Fairbanks, Alaska does not allow moose to have sex on city streets.

In Kingsville, Texas there is a law against two pigs having sex on the city's airport property.

Women can sell items and be topless in Liverpool, England—but only in tropical fish stores.

In the state of Texas it is a misdemeanor if two men engage in oral and or anal sex. The same law does'nt apply to men and women engaging in the same activity with each other.

In Romboch, Virginia, it is illegal to engage in sexual activity with the lights on.

In the state of Utah, sex with an animal—unless performed for profit—is not considered sodomy and therefore is legal.

Anywhere in the U.S., it's illegal to use any live endangered species (except for insects) in public or private sexual displays, shows or exhibits depicting cross-species sex.

In the quiet town of Connorsville, Wisconsin, it's illegal for a man to shoot off a gun when his female partner has an orgasm.

It is illegal for a man and woman to have sex "on the steps of any church after the sun goes down" in Birmingham, England.

In the state of Washington there is a law against having sex with a virgin under any circumstances (including the wedding night).

A Tremonton, Utah law states that no woman is allowed to have sex with a man while riding in an ambulance. In addition to normal charges, the woman's name will be published in the local newspaper.

It's against the law in Willowdale, Oregon, for a husband to curse during sex.

Sodomy laws have been repealed—or are ignored—in most states, but not Georgia, where a man was sentenced to five years in prison for engaging in oral sex. With his wife. With her consent. In their home.

An Oklahoma state representative once proposed a bill requiring that a man explain the dangers of pregnancy and obtain a woman's written consent before the two could legally engage in sexual intercourse.

In Oblong, Illinois, it's punishable by law to make love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day.

No man is allowed to make love to his wife with the smell of garlic, onions, or sardines on his breath in Alexandria, Minnesota. If his wife so requests, law mandates that he must brush his teeth.

Warn your hubby that after lovemaking in Ames, Iowa, he isn't allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with youor holding you in his arms.

Bozeman, Montana, has a law that bans all sexual activity between members of the opposite sex in the front yard of a home after sundownif they're nude.


Strange Sex Laws III

In Tibet, many years ago, the law required all women prostitute themselves. This was seen as a way to gain sexual experience prior to marriage.

"Female breasts," according to the Arizona Supreme Court, don't constitute "private parts" under state law.

The Asiatic Huns punished convicted male rapists and adulterers with castration. Female adulterers were merely cut in two.

The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation.

The T'ang Dynasty Empress Wu Hu passed a special law concerning oral sex. She felt that a woman pleasuring a man represented the supremacy of the male over the female. Therefore, she insisted all visiting male dignitaries show their respect by pleasuring her orally when meeting. The empress would throw open her robe and her guest would kneel before her and kiss her genitals.

In London, it's illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle.

There is, in fact, an Illinois law that prohibits a number of things—one of which is a public erection, another is nude dancing. The prohibition against the public erection has never been challenged in the Supreme Court, but the prohibition against nude dancing has.

In 100 A.D., the Teutons, an Germanic tribe, would punish anyone caught as a prostitute by suffocating them in excrement.

The vow of a Roman vestal virgin lasted 30 years. If she engaged in sex before then, she was punished by being buried alive.

In 17th century Spain, it was illegal for anyone other than a woman's husband to see her bare feet. A woman could freely expose her breasts, but feet were considered sexual and had to be covered in the presence of men other than her husband.

The Romans would crush a first-time rapist's gonads between two stones.

In China, women are prohibited from walking around a hotel room in the nude. A woman may be naked only while in the bathroom.

The early Christian church forbade couples from having sex on Wednesdays, Fridays and of course, Sundays.

In Pompeii, a special law was directed at prostitutes. They had to dye their hair either blue, red or yellow in order to be able to work.

In Indiana, mustaches are illegal if the bearer has a "tendency to habitually kiss other humans."

Six thousand years ago, Egyptians, the first to punish sex crimes with castration, would completely castrate a male convicted of rape. A women found guilty of adultery would find herself without a nose, the thinking being that without a nose, it would be harder to find someone to share in her adulterous ways.

Up until 1884, a woman could be sent to prison for denying a husband sex.

In Maryland, it is illegal to sell condoms from vending machines with one exception—prophylactics may be dispensed from a vending machine only "in places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises."

While not as extreme as the ancient Israelite punishment for adultery (stoning), Greek men still had their fair share of discomfort when their pubic hair was removed and a large radish was shoved up their rectum.

In Alabama, it's against the law for a man to seduce "a chaste woman by means of temptation, deception, arts, flattery or a promise of marriage."

In Nepal, Bangladesh and Macao it is against the law to view movies containing simulated lovemaking or the pubic area of men and women. The law also does not allow kisses to be shown in any film that includes actors from these three countries.

It's illegal to have sex with a corpse anywhere in the United States.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Makosi sacked?

The 24-year-old from High Wycombe shocked hospital bosses by frolicking naked in the BB spa pool with fellow housemate, Anthony, the Sunday Mirror reports. It is claimed that her employers were particularly aggrieved when the Zimbabwe-born nurse confessed she thought she might be pregnant after having unprotected sex with him.

An unnamed source at Wycombe Hospital, Bucks told the paper: "At first bosses were prepared to turn a blind eye to her behaviour. But as the weeks have gone on, she has become increasingly outrageous. The swimming pool frolic with Anthony was too much for them to bear. She set an appalling example for the nursing profession - and this is something the hospital simply will not tolerate."

Makosi may also face being struck off the nursing register after the Nursing and Midwifery Council received complaints about her behaviour from other nurses, the Sunday Mirror claims.

Edna and Simon - Love On The First Sight

For sprightly grandmother-of-three Edna Townsend, it was definitely love at first sight. And to Simon Martin, who was still in his twenties at the time, she was the woman of his dreams.

After that fateful first meeting, the pair began dating and soon embarked on a full-blown romance with little thought for the small matter of their 39-year age difference.

Two and a half years on, the newlyweds - now aged 70 and 31 - are off on a two-week honeymoon in Cornwall, proving that sometimes love can indeed conquer all.

Last night Simon, an accomplished organ player who has been profoundly deaf since he was nine, said: "I'd never had a proper relationship before I met Edna. My life was all about music. She's turned my life upside down. She is definitely the woman of my dreams. I couldn't be more happy and don't care about the age gap."

The couple, who live together in Worle, Weston-super-Mare, met at a concert where Simon was playing the organ. Edna restores the instruments.

"I can remember exactly what happened," said Simon.

"Our mutual friend introduced us and Edna was looking very glamorous. We gave each other a big hug."

Edna said: "Coming through the stage door was this lovely man. It really was love at first sight. He is the friendliest, funniest and most beautiful man and we are very much in love."

The pair soon became inseparable and on Valentine's Day this year, Simon proposed under Weston-super-Mare pier. Edna, a retired engineer, said: "Simon swept me off my feet. When he proposed he wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm the happiest woman in the world."

Simon added: "I was really nervous but knew it was right. I got down on one knee and asked her if she would be my wife. She said 'Yes' and we kissed. It was incredibly romantic."

His family took the news well, he insists. "They were a little surprised but are delighted," he said. "They want us to be happy."

Edna admits that some people have found it hard to accept their relationship.

"We have had some strange reactions," she said. "Some women who are my age sort of sneer. But we have had total strangers say it's wonderful."

They have discussed the age gap and come to terms with the fact that they can never have children and grandchildren, she said.

Their 'artistic temperaments' mean the age gap doesn't matter, they insist. The couple married last Friday at their local register office, with a ' Roaring Twenties' themed reception at the Curzon Cinema in nearby Clevedon.

Fred Smedley, chairman of the West of England Theatre Organ Society, acted as chauffeur for the day.

He said: "The age gap between the two has been talked about around here but everyone is absolutely delighted. They are a lovely couple and it's just fantastic they have decided to spend their lives together."

He added: "Simon is gifted with the organ. He's an excellent player. He's not as deaf as Beethoven, but we don't think he can actually hear the majority of the stuff he plays."

Hot Voice On-Line

A man in Germany who said he had "fallen in love" with the voice of an emergency services operator was taken into custody for repeatedly calling the hotline. The 45-year-old called the 110 emergency number from tehelphone booths in Duesseldorf till he was arrested. He explained to officers that there had not been an emergency but that he had found the voice on the line "so sexy". He was held in jail overnight.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Women Lie About Numbers

Women are more likely to lie about their sex lives than men, according to a new US study involving a fake lie detector test.

The study by psychologists Terri Fisher at Ohio State University and Michele Alexander at Maine University offers a new solution to a paradox that has puzzled sex experts for decades. In survey after survey, heterosexual men average more sexual partners than women — a statistically impossible situation.

Coventional wisdom had dictated that a man's desire to significantly exaggerate his sexual promiscuity was responsible for the anomaly, but the latest study — published in the Journal of Sex Research — suggests it is the women who are being economical with the truth.

Women change their answers depending on whether or not they believe their responses will remain anonymous or they will be caught lying, the researchers found. The number of sexual partners a woman reported nearly doubled when women thought they were hooked up to a lie detector machine.

"Women are more sensitive to social expectations for their sexual behaviour and may be less than honest when asked about their behaviour in some survey conditions," said Fisher.

According to Fisher, women appeared to feel under pressure to meet expectations of being more relationship-orientated and not promiscuous. Fisher and Alexander surveyed over 200 unmarried, heterosexual college students aged 18 to 25. One group filled in questionnaires having been told the researcher might view their responses. A second group filled in the survey alone in a room and were assured the results would be strictly confidential. A third group were rigged up to a polygraph or lie detector — although they were not told the machine no longer worked.

Women who thought their responses might be read said they had had an average of 2.6 sexual partners, compared with 3.4 partners for those who thought their answers were anonymous.

Those who believed they were attached to a polygraph reported an average of 4.4 partners.

"You would assume that when a heterosexual man has sex, a woman is having sex at the same time, but the statistics always suggest otherwise," Fisher said.

"That can't be true. We thought males would be over-inflating their experience ... but that's not what we found."

Under the same conditions, men's answers did not vary significantly. Those attached to the lie-detector reported an average of 4.0 partners compared with 3.7 for men who thought their answers would be read.

Source: AFP.COM

Sleepwalker or Sexwalker?

A respectable middle-aged woman with a steady partner would leave the house while sleepwalking and have random sex with strangers, an Australian doctor said in a report Thursday.

Peter Buchanan, who treated the woman, said this was an example of a recently identified disorder known as sleep sex, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The woman was totally unaware of her double life, which came to light after her partner noticed unexplained condoms around the house and eventually caught her in the act.

"He was aware of some sleepwalking and there was circumstantial evidence, including the unexplained presence of condoms around the house," said Buchanan, a sleep physician at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

"On one occasion he awoke to find her absent from the bedroom and searched until he found her - engaged in such activity."

Buchanan is to describe the case this weekend to a meeting of the Australian Sleep Association, the newspaper said.

While Buchanan admitted some initial scepticism about the case, brain tests while the woman was sleeping indicated that she was unusually likely to rouse from deep sleep without passing first through lighter sleep patterns.

Almost half of all sleep sex cases were associated with psychological problems and the woman was treated successfully with psychotherapy, the doctor said. Sleep sex did not indicate sexual abuse or any other sexual problem and should be viewed as a sleep disorder, he said, rather than a sexual one.

Buchanan said sleep sex would likely soon be included in an international list of sleep disorders. It is fraught with dangers, he said, including risky sex practices and the possibility that the sufferer could commit sexual assault while sleepwalking.

"There's a huge embarrassment about seeking medical help," he added.


Hmm...this would be a great excuse to have.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cousinly Love

by Merritt McKinney (this is a bit older news but still interesting)

New York, US

Though marriage between first cousins is illegal or restricted in most US states, the odds that a child whose parents are cousins will be born with a birth defect or genetic disorder are not nearly as high as often thought, according to a panel of experts. Compared with the offspring of unrelated parents, children whose parents are first cousins have an additional 1.7% to 2.8% higher risk of birth defects such as mental retardation or a genetic disorder, a panel organised by the National Society of Genetic Counselors estimates in the April issue of the Journal of Genetic Counseling.

Since the risk of most birth defects is in the low single digits, the increase in risk may double the odds that a child will be born with a health problem. But parents with some genetic diseases have a much higher rate of passing on their disorder to a child.

The panel states that cousins who want to have children do not need any special genetic counselling. As is the case with unrelated couples, they should be offered appropriate genetic testing based on their family history and ethnic background, the report indicates. But due to the somewhat increased risk of health problems, babies born to parents who are first or second cousins should undergo supplementary testing for metabolic disorders soon after birth, the panel advises. They also should be offered hearing tests by age 3 months.

One reason that relationships between cousins are often discouraged is the concern that first cousins - who share 12.5% of their genes - will pass on recessive genes to their offspring. Recessive genes do not cause disease in every generation, but can cause disease when a person inherits a recessive gene from each parent. "The closer the biological relationship between parents, the greater is the probability that their offspring will inherit identical copies of one or more detrimental recessive genes," the report states. Children born to first cousins, the authors note, will have two identical copies of 6.25% of their genes.

But the scientific evidence on the risk of birth defects in children born to cousins has not been conclusive, according to the task force. The panel was led by Robin L Bennett, of the University of Washington in Seattle, who is the president-elect of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, and Dr Arno G Motulsky, also at the University of Washington. The panel, which included genetic counsellors, physicians and epidemiologists, reviewed the results of six previously published studies that examined the risk of birth defects and other health problems in the children of first-cousin relationships.

Although cousins are often discouraged from marrying each other in North America, or even forbidden from doing so, the researchers point out that unions between relatives are common or even preferred in some parts of the world, especially the Middle East, Asia and Africa. "In some parts of the world," according to the report, "20% to 60% of all marriages are between close biological relatives." Due to immigration to the US from these areas, doctors and genetic counsellors may be encountering more patients who married to cousins. "Health providers should provide supportive counselling to these families and respect cultural belief systems," the authors assert.

"If you look at global populations, 20% of people are married to their cousins," Bennett told Reuters Health in an interview. There is a lot of stigma against cousin marriages, but there does not seem to be "good biological or social data to back up that stigma," according to Bennett. From a biological standpoint, "There's probably nothing wrong with it." She said she hopes that the report will "get rid of some of the stigma so people aren't afraid to tell their doctors."

Bennett pointed out that a child born to cousins is much less likely to be born with certain genetic health problems than children of people with certain genetic conditions. For example, Bennett said that people with Huntington's disease have a 50% chance of passing on the disease to their kids.

From the Journal of Genetic Counseling 2002;11:97-119

Source: 4 April 2002 Reuters Health

Another One Bites The Dust

A 61-year-old San Diego man was sentenced to 17 years in prison yesterday after admitting he traveled to the Philippines to have sex with teenage boys. A Los Angeles federal judge also ordered Ediberto Datan to remain under lifetime court supervision.

Datan was arrested in November at Los Angeles International Airport as he returned from the Philippines. Investigators found hundreds of sexually explicit images of boys in his digital camera.

A search of Datan's home in Normal Heights the next day turned up sexually explicit photos of child victims from prior trips to the Philippines and a large collection of pornographic images of children.

He was one of about a dozen men from around the nation charged under a law adopted in 2003 that included provisions increasing the penalties for those convicted of engaging in sex with minors overseas. The law also eased the burden of proof for prosecutors.

Immigration and Customs enforcement investigators focused on Datan because he was among about 130 people in San Diego and Imperial counties whose names appeared on a list of people who used credit cards to buy child pornography from a Belarus-based ring.


Naked in Paris


Two US tourists have been arrested in Paris for drunkenly undressing and posing naked in front of the Arc de Triomphe. The men, aged 20 and 24 but not identified, stripped off late Wednesday to stand in front of the famous monument while their friends took photos, police said Thursday. Spotted by a police patrol, the pair were ordered dressed and hauled off to explain their actions before being released.

Source: AFP

I hope they will try the same infront of the Statue of Liberty.

Big Brother Bi - Sam wants sex

By James Desborough

SEX-CRAZED bisexual Sam Heuston was up for bedding ALL her Big Brother housemates, The People can reveal. The bikini-loving beauty confessed her horny desires after viewers booted her out of the show on Friday. The randy brunette, 23, revealed how she:

-FANCIED Anthony the most but said he was brainless and unsure about his sexuality.

-LOVED her lesbian snog with Makosi who she is convinced will jump into bed with Anthony.

-BRANDED Saskia a manipulative bitch who WILL romp with Maxwell.

-HOPES Makosi wins because the others are "thickos".

Sam said: "I fancied too many of them to number - Anthony, Maxwell, the girls AND others. I would've slept with any of them. "I felt really horny in there. I'm very open about my sexuality and if I want it I'll go and get it.
I'm not fussed either way. Sex is sex. If people think I'm a slapper then fair enough, I don't care. I just like to have a good time."

The marketing graduate admitted she was smitten by Geordie dancer Anthony from the start, saying: "As soon as he walked in I thought 'phwoar'. He blew me out for Makosi, but I'd still shag him - even on live telly. Anthony is fit but he has no brain to go with it. He's too stupid to work out his own sexuality which is quite funny really."

Sam said her biggest thrill during her three weeks in the house was her steamy snog with Zimbabwean nurse Makosi.

"That was amazing. She is a brilliant kisser, and much better than Anthony. It was probably the best snog I've had in my life - off the scale. But I wasn't attracted to her."

Sam believes the sexual tension will increase over the next few weeks. "The way things are going between Maxwell and Saskia who knows what could happen. But she's just winding him round her little finger and I don't think he knows what's going on." And saucy Sam reckoned other housemates could go all the way.

She added: "Makosi is also a very sexual person, Anthony is really keen but I think she might be interested in another girl.

"Craig would sh*g anything as would most of them. "

On fellow evictee, Lesley Sanderson, who threatened to "knock the shit out of her, Sam said: "She was a bully. But it would never have come to blows. I'd have just walked out."

Sam, who was kicked out after polling 59 per cent of the viewers vote, now hopes Makosi walks away with the #100,000 first prize, saying: "She is girl power." But she dismissed the others as "a load of thickos".

Sam, who wants to become a model and set up a "ladettes" mag, also denied claims she'd pleasuring herself in a cardboard box during one of the challenges. And she added with a chuckle: "Now I'm out I can't wait to have sex. I've been starved for the last few weeks."


ANTHONY: Fit but a pain too

KEMAL: A real entertainer

DEREK: Boring and frustrated

MAKOSI: Lovely girl inside & out

MAXWELL: Good and bad

ROBERTO: A control freak

SASKIA: Too in love with herself

SCIENCE: Very volatile & quiet

VANESSA: Two- faced on votes

CRAIG: Just a real sweet guy


Oral Sex Car Crash

The Romanian man who crashed his car while his girlfriend gave him oral sex has lost his licence for 90 days. Robert Filip, 19, who was naked when police arrived at the scene, must also pay for the damage to the car he hit.

Police say Filip, 19, and his girlfriend Andrea Popescu, 18, were so carried away that they even continued in front of spectators after the crash.

Filip apparently lost control of his car after forgetting to turn right on a curve and ploughing into a parked car in the city centre of Craiova, southwest Romania.

But as passers by gathered to see if the pair were alright they saw them naked in the car and carrying on with their sex romp oblivious to anything else.

Police said Filip had apologised, saying: "I am sorry for what happened but at the time I just could not stop myself." The teenagers had apparently only met that day.

A police spokesman said the couple in the parked car had decided not to press charges, saying they had "enjoyed the show", and were happy to just accept Filip's offer to pay for the damage.

The police spokesman confirmed: "We hope the fact he will have to pay the other car's damage and the 90 days suspension of his licence will teach him a lesson for the future."


Britney Loves Sex...So Do I

Los Angeles - Pop princess Britney Spears has said she loves being pregnant, because sex is "better than it was before". The star reportedly told America's People Magazine that sex is "crazy good".

She also revealed she was left speechless after seeing the first scan of her baby, describing it as the best feeling in the world. She added: "I'm sure there's going to come a time when I get back to work again, but it'll be a totally different way of life than it was before."


Sexual Education At Home


A Long Island woman was indicted yesterday on rape charges for allegedly encouraging her 13-year-old daughter and another girl to have sex with two older teenagers, providing them liquor and inviting them to their hotel room.

"This all started in the bedroom, on the bed, in front of the mother," Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro said of the alleged crime at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on April 19. "There were comments by the mother that 'It's about time she had sex,' and 'What happens in White Plains, stays in White Plains.' The girls (were) saying to the mother that they're having sex. She didn't think anything of it. I'm sure now she does."

The 41-year-old Long Island mother, whom Pirro would not identify in order to protect the victims' identities, was an accessory to the rape and was therefore charged with the same crime as the two other suspects. A— Pleasantville Cottage School resident Gilberto Gonzalez, 19, and Michael Berger, 18, then a bus boy at the Crowne Plaza. Gonzalez and Berger were charged with second-degree rape, a felony punishable by up to seven years in prison.

The mother was charged with two counts of second-degree rape and several misdemeanors counts of endangering the welfare of a child and unlawfully dealing with a child, the latter for providing the girls with alcohol. While the woman remains in jail pending her arraingment, her husband is pursuing a divorce and permanent custody of their two children, Pirro said.

The woman, from Sayville, allegedly brought her daughter and two girlfriends -— ages 13 and 14 — to White Plains for two days of shopping. There, the girls met Gonzalez and Berger on an elevator at the City Center and again at the Applebee's restaurant in the center, where they exchanged cell phone numbers, Pirro said.

The mother and girls called to invite them back to The Crowne Plaza, where they were staying. The mother then bought them liquor, which they drank back at the hotel. She watched as the girls started making out with the boys on the bed. Then Gonzalez allegedly took the 14-year-old into the bathroom for sex. A short time later, Berger allegedly had sex with the daughter in a hallway outside the mother's room. The woman saw this happening, but did nothing to intervene and even gave her approval, according to Pirro.

"It's clear she knew what was going on," Pirro said. "She was amused by it. She thought it was something that should happen, and the sooner it happens, the better."

Berger's lawyer, Richard Portale, suggested that the only person who should have been charged was the mother. He said phone records indicate several calls from the mother to his client and that the mother and the girls claimed the girls were 16 years old.

"He was also plied with alcohol," Portale said. "This was a big setup by the one adult involved. I view my client as a victim of this parent, as the girl is a victim of this parent. It's a case of irresponsible parenting."

Portale would not even concede that his client was guilty of a lesser statutory rape charge, suggesting that there would be no proof that Berger engaged in sex with the girl. The mother is being held on 20,000 bail in Westchester County jail in Valhalla, pending her arrangement in county court later this week. Berger was released on 4,500 bail, and Gonzalez is being held on 7,000 bail pending their arraignments.


Wow, that's what I call sexual education at home.

Perth Serial Rapist Strikes Again

A notorious rapist branded a "sex monster" by the West Australian government has allegedly struck again.

Gary Narkle, a diagnosed psychopath, has spent at least 24 years behind bars and almost all his attacks have been committed while on parole. Police believe the 50-year-old dragged his latest alleged victim, a 16-year-old girl, into bushes near a church car park at Armadale, on Perth's eastern outskirts, on Friday night before savagely attacking her. Narkle faced Armadale Magistrates Court yesterday charged with indecent assault, two counts of aggravated sexual penetration, assault occasioning bodily harm and deprivation of liberty.

He was only released from prison after successfully appealing against convictions when a 17-year-old victim was unable to testify against him for a fourth time. West Australian Attorney-General Jim McGinty, speaking in parliament yesterday, branded Narkle a "sex monster" and promised new laws to ensure repeat sex offenders could be locked up indefinitely. He described Narkle's latest arrest as an "appalling breach of the law" and an "absolutely tragic situation".

Also outside court, Detective Sergeant Ricky Chadwick said police would allege Narkle followed the 16-year-old victim when she left a gathering at a house in Armadale they had both attended and assaulted her in a church carpark. The teenager's head struck concrete kerbing when Mr Narkle forced her to the ground, Detective Sergeant Chadwick claimed.

The girl's uncle told The Australian she was a shy teenager who lived with her mother and enjoyed writing.

Shadow attorney-general Sue Walker pledged opposition support for the new legislation and urged the Government to introduce it as a matter of priority.

"We'll be supporting any legislation that protects women in Perth and men from offenders such as Mr Narkle," she said.

However, state Criminal Lawyers Association president Belinda Lonsdale said her association opposed the planned legislation because it could incarcerate a person without a fair trial.

"It's asking doctors to be clairvoyants and jailers," she said.

Ms Lonsdale said she did not approve of the Attorney-General commenting on Narkle in parliament, and said it was inappropriate for any politician to comment on cases that were before the courts. She said people needed to remember that Narkle was presumed innocent of the charges.

"Because he's been made such an example of, he's really actually a vulnerable person in relation to people making complaints against him. It would be easy to make a complaint against Gary Narkle." she said.


Teenage Sisters Prostitutes

April 28, 2005 - Israel

Two teenage sisters who were discovered to be working as prostitutes, have been taken away from their mother's home and sent to welfare institutions. Social workers arrived Wednesday at the girls' home and took them. One sister was placed in a hostel for girls in distress and the other was sent to a closed institution for girls where they will undergo examination.

The family are new immigrants from the former Soviet Union who have serious economic woes. The mother, a single parent, has another child. It has not yet been decided whether he can remain with her.

The police are continuing their investigation into the case which involves the 13- and 14-year-old sisters and further arrests are expected. The mother was arrested on Tuesday, after a month's investigation into the affair, and released to house arrest. Police are looking for another relative who, they believe, took the girls' earnings. Welfare services in the Negev town where the girls lived, say they reported to police that the two were seen offering their services in the marketplace.

A 20-year-old man from the Bedouin town of Laqiya was also put under house arrest Wednesday by a Be'er Sheva magistrate on suspicion of having sex with one of the girls.

Police received a tip-off from a resident of the town who said she had seen one sister having oral sex with a man near the market, and then passing money on to an older woman. Police then kept a watch on the market and public parks and discovered that the two had been offering their services for about a year. They charged a time, and handed the money to their mother and a relative. According to unconfirmed reports, other teenagers in the town had also been involved in prostitution. Residents of the town said that the customers tended to come from neighboring communities.

Don't Fuck in Skool or else...

WILKES-BARRE – Two Coughlin High School ninth-grade students have been suspended from school and charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly engaging in sexual activity in an empty hallway inside the school.
The teenage boy and girl were suspended for five days starting Friday and charges against them were filed by school security officers, said Jeff Namey, the superintendent of Wilkes-Barre Area School District.

The students, who were not identified, had consensual sexual contact at about 7:45 a.m. on Thursday, Namey said. He did not get into specifics about the contact, but said the students have admitted to it. He said they arrived at school early and instead of staying in the school cafeteria under faculty supervision, as early-arriving students are supposed to do, they went into a hallway near the auditorium.

“It was obviously planned in advance,” Namey said.

Namey said he’s not sure if the students initially entered the cafeteria and then went to the hallway or if they went straight to the hallway after entering the building. Namey said no one saw the incident, but word of it got back to faculty members. The charges, which Namey believes are graded as misdemeanors, will be handled by a district judge.

“The information we have is that they are very nice kids and high-achieving students,” Namey said. “But we have to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated.”


So they had sex in an empty hallway. So what? Did they hurt anybody? Did they do something so immoral or dirty? Don't let them be ashamed and confused - when I think of them I can only smile. They represent youth, love, freedom. I want more young people like those two, and far less of those fucked up kids that just snap and start shooting everything in sight while walking those same school hallways.

Morning After Pill

Allowing 'morning-after' contraceptive pills to be sold over the counter does not increase their use, suggesting that easy availability does not lead to an upsurge in unprotected sex, British investigators report. Beginning in January of 2001, emergency contraception has been available without prescription in the UK, Dr. Cicely Marston and associates note in an online report from the British Medical Journal. Opponents of this policy are concerned that it encourages unprotected sex and increase promiscuity.

Marston, from the Imperial College Faculty of Medicine in London, and her team surveyed women ages 16 to 49 years in 2000, 2001 and 2002 regarding their use of contraceptives in general. Answers to the surveys showed that the proportion of women reporting current use of contraception remained unchanged over time. Overall use of emergency contraception also remained the same.

For example, the proportion using emergency contraception once per year was 6.5 percent, 6.3 percent and 5.6 percent during each period. The proportion using emergency contraception more than once was 2.0 percent, 1.5 percent and 1.7 percent.

The only apparent change over time was in the places where women procured emergency contraception. The proportions obtaining the morning-after pill from a pharmacy increased from zero in 2000 to 19.7 percent in 2001 and 32.6 percent in 2002. During the same periods, fewer women obtained emergency contraception from a general practitioner or a family planning clinic.

"The sharp rise in the proportion of women buying emergency hormonal contraception over the counter indicates that many women prefer this way of obtaining it," Marston and her colleagues maintain. Easier access is likely to have prevented more pregnancies, they add.

"Given the apparent absences of negative consequences, and the fact that many women clearly prefer to buy emergency hormonal contraception over the counter," the team concludes, "our study supports the case for lifting the ban on over-the-counter sales of emergency hormonal contraception in the United States and other countries."

SOURCE: BMJ Online First, July 8, 2005.

Gang Rape Revenge

Pakistan, July 2005

Seven men were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and gang-raping a married woman in eastern Pakistan in retaliation for her cousin's affair with a daughter of one of the suspects, a police official said.

This case is very similar of the gang rape of 33-year old Mukhtar Mai, who last week won a court appeal overturning the acquittals of 13 of her attackers after drawing international attention to her plight. Both cases involve a woman targeted for punishment for the actions of a male relative.

The latest attack occurred last week in the town of Chaniot when one of the suspects was angered over a relationship between his 17-year-old daughter and the victim's 24-year-old cousin. He and his accomplices kidnapped the 30-year-old victim and gang-raped her, area police official Mahar Mumtaz said yesterday.

The seven suspect were arrested on Wednesday after police received a complaint from her family, he said.

Source: Associated Press

Let me teach you how to do it

A woman has been jailed for four years for encouraging a 12-year-old girl to have sex with her lover.

Caroline Lundon, 40, from Morayshire, was described as "utterly depraved" at Elgin Sheriff Court. She admitted that she had sex with the man in the girl's presence and had encouraged the child to do the same.

Last year, Ernest Graham was jailed for six years for having sex with the girl and permitting her to watch while he had sex with Lundon.

Sheriff Ian Cameron told Lundon, a development officer with Highlands and Islands Enterprise for 19 years, that she had done terrible damage to the child. He said: "The fact that you've held a responsible position in HIE to support your family suggests you are not a person of restricted intellect, quite the opposit. It is extraordinary in these circumstances that a person of your calibre did not realise Ernest Graham was being manipulative to you and the girl, and that you succumbed to this manipulation. In any view your actions can only be described as utterly depraved."

The court heard that Graham, 46, owned riding stables and was known for his horse-whispering techniques.

The Princess Royal visited the Lossiemouth stables as President of Riding for the Disabled three years ago and congratulated Graham for his work. The girl had begun riding lessons with him at the age of nine but by 12 was being used for sex.

The court heard that a series of offences took place at Lundon's cottage but on one occasion Lundon and Graham involved the child in sex in a car on the A96 after celebrating her 13th birthday in Aberdeen.

Graham was jailed for the sex offences last year but for legal reasons that could not be reported until Lundon had been convicted. Sheriff Cameron told Lundon on Wednesday: "What you did was the ultimate betrayal of trust, the harm and the possible psychological effects you may have done to this girl is incalculable in the long-term."

Source: BBC.COM

Horny Taxi

A bright pink London cab will tour the streets of Warsaw offering a free ride for couples brave enough to have sex on the back seat. The sex-on-wheels experience is the brainchild of a 26-year-old Swedish artist studying at the city's Academy of Art.

Polish radio station RMF FM reports it has provoked strong interest and people have been booking places for weeks in advance. The radio reported: "The Swedish artist will provide citizens with a limousine complete with driver. The back windows will be tinted black and the seats will be extra comfortable to give couples that feeling of intimacy.

"Anyone will be able to ride the taxi completely for free. But there are two conditions: you must take your seat in the cab together with a partner and you actually have to have sex.

"For several weeks now the good people of Warsaw have been making reservations."

The radio station is also sending its reporter Roman Osica out in the taxi, but as an observer.

PS: This is a bit older news - middle of 2002, but its kool I decided to put it on. Not sure if this taxi is still operating or not.

Live Nude Art

A 17-year-old schoolgirl in Chile is walking naked on her city's streets in temperatures as low as 7C for an art project.

Lucia Fernanda Flores has been shopping and to the hairdressers wearing just a pair of trainers, sunglasses and a Walkman. She says she's getting a mixed reaction, but around 80% of people are positive about the display.

Organiser of the event Luizo Vega says he wants to provoke debate in the most conservative Catholic country in Latin America. Mr Vega told Las Ultimas Noticias: "We're playing with people's prejudices, with the double standards that exist in Chile. I think Chile needs to deal with these issues."

Underground authorities in Santiago wouldn't let her on their trains.


Sexy Robot

A German inventor claims to have created the world's most sophisticated robot sex doll.

The sex androids developed by aircraft mechanic Michael Harriman from Nuremberg have "hearts" that beat harder during sex. They also breathe harder and have internal heaters to raise the body temperature - but their feet stay cold "just like in real life", according to Harriman.

He said: "They are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing, but I am still developing improvements and I will only be happy when what I have is better than the real thing."

The dolls are on offer for US $7 000 each for the basic model, with extra charges for adaptations like extra large breasts. Underneath the silicon skin, developed for use in medical surgery, is an electronic heart that beats faster during sex. The model can also be made to move by remote control, wiggling her hips under the bedclothes and making other suggestive movements - all at the touch of a button.

Harriman said his design was an improvement on the popular "real dolls" sold in the US.

PS: Will he put on a market a male model too?

USA Porn Industry

In 1972, the total retail value of all the hardcore pornography sold in the US was estimated at 100 million to 150 million. Now the American porn industry is estimated to be worth 1.5 billion dollars. Porn video rentals soared to 5-million in 1996, accounting for 13,3% of video rentals in America.

The US pornography industry generates more revenue than the professional football, baseball and basketball franchises combined.


Those Sexy Mature Women

Are you a glamorous over 40? Great news if you are! A survey has found that men are more likely to choose a great looking older gal over a plain looking younger woman.

"You'd think that men would always go for 20-year-olds, but they don't," said Dr George Fieldman, of Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.

"Men prefer attractiveness over youthfulness when selecting a long-term partner," he told the Daily Mail.

Dr Fieldman and his team carried out experiments by showing men different pix of attractive and not so attractive women of all ages. An overwhelming number of men, including guys in their early 20s, chose attractive older woman aged from mid to late 40s over 'plain Janes' of their own age.

Fieldman has some theories on why this is the case. "The interesting thing is that if men were trying to spread their genes as widely as possible they would go for partners who could bear the maximum number of children.

"The fact that they don't suggests they go for beautiful women as a subconscious strategy to have beautiful children, even if it is not as many. Beautiful children, of course, will be more likely to spread their genes more easily."

This might explain successful toy-boy/older woman relationships such as Ralph Fiennes, 38 whose partner Francesca Annis is 56. So, ladies, keep yourself in shape, make sure to smile and make the most of your beauty... and who knows.. a toy boy could find his way into your Christmas stockings..or even further!


Whip me coz' I wanna live!

Russian scientists from the city of Novosibirsk, Siberia, made a sensational report at the international conference devoted to new methods of treatment and rehabilitation in narcology. The report was called "Methods of painful impact to treat addictive behavior."

Siberian scientists believe that addiction to alcohol and narcotics, as well as depression, suicidal thoughts and psychosomatic diseases occur when an individual loses his or her interest in life. The absence of the will to live is caused with decreasing production of endorphins - the substance, which is known as the hormone of happiness. If a depressed individual receives a physical punishment, whipping that is, it will stir up endorphin receptors, activate the "production of happiness" and eventually remove depressive feelings.

Russian scientists recommend the following course of the whipping therapy: 30 sessions of 60 whips on the buttocks in every procedure. A group of drug addicts volunteered to test the new method of treatment: the results can be described as good and excellent.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Sergei Speransky, is a very well known figure in Novosibirsk. The doctor became one of the authors of the shocking whipping therapy. The professor used the self-flagellation method to cure his own depression; he also recovered from two heart attacks with the help of physical tortures too.

"The whipping therapy becomes much more efficient when a patients receives the punishment from a person of the opposite sex. The effect is astounding: the patient starts seeing only bright colors in the surrounding world, the heartache disappears, although it will take a certain time for the buttocks to heal, of course," Sergei Speransky told the Izvestia newspaper.

The whipping therapy has not become a new discovery in the history of medicine. Tibetan monks widely used it for medical purposes too. Soviet specialists used a special method of torturing therapy at mental hospitals. They made injections of brimstone and peach oil mixture to inspire mentally unbalanced patience with a will to live. A patient would suffer from horrible pain in the body after such an injection, but he or she would change their attitude to life for the better afterwards.

"People might probably think of me as a masochist," Dr. Speransky said. "But I can assure you that I am not a classic masochist at all," he added.

The revolutionary method may take the Russian healthcare to a whole new level. The method is cheap and highly efficient, as its authors assure.

Source: Izvestia

Ethnic Groups and Sex in UK

BLACK men in Britain have nine times as many lovers during their lifetimes as Pakistani men, according to research released today.

Black Caribbean and black African men reported having an average of nine sexual partners, compared with white men who had six. Indian men reported having two lovers and Pakistani men had only one in their lifetimes. The new data follows analysis of sexual habits of different ethnic groups in Britain.

White women have an average of five sexual partners, black Caribbean women have four, black African women have three and Indian and Pakistani women each had only one sexual partner. There was a higher level of risk behaviour among white women than in other ethnic groups, but they were less likely to admit to STIs than black women.

The study follows analysis of the second British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles in which 12,110 men and women aged between 16 and 44 were questioned about what they got up to between the sheets.

Indian and Pakistani people were the last to lose their virginity and also had substantially lower prevalence of STIs, according to the article published in medical journal The Lancet.

Dr Kevin Fenton, of University College London, who led the study, said: "For the first time we have a clearer understanding of the complex relationship between the sexual lifestyles of Britain's main ethnic groups and the risk of sexually transmitted infections."

His research found that on average people who had a large number of lovers were more likely to report an STI.

"Sexual behaviour alone doesn't explain the differences in STIs among ethnic groups," Fenton said. "Cultural factors, age and marriage patterns, and varying levels of infection in different communities are all likely to be important in explaining differences."


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Dirty Old Man

Los Angeles, CA, U.S

An 87-year-old American sex tourist who was arrested as he set off to have sex with two pre-teen girls in the Philippines was sentenced on Monday to 20 years in jail. Wheelchair-bound widower and grandfather John Seljan had faced up to 180 years in prison for the six counts on which he was convicted in November, prosecutors said earlier. But United States federal Judge Alicemarie Stotler said she had to take into account the reality that the minimum sentence she could impose - 15 to 20 years - would put Seljan behind bars for the rest of his life.

"When you're 87 years old, it is tantamount to a life sentence," Stotler told the court in Santa Ana, in California's Orange County.

Seljan, a former country singer, was the first person to be convicted at trial of violating the 2003 Protect Act that punishes US sex tourists irrespective of where the crime occurred. He was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in October 2003 as he prepared to board a flight to the Philippines, where prosecutors said he was planning to have sex with two girls aged nine and 12.

The suspect was armed with 45kg of chocolates, sex aids, pornographic pictures and sexually explicit letters written to the two young girls. Many of the pictures show the old man with small girls who were often naked. Seljan is sometimes naked or has his underwear pulled down, while his letters to the girls are rife with references to their "love-making."

Seljan, who urged young girls to call him "Uncle Johnny," told FBI agents who arrested him that he had been "educating" young Filipinas for 20 years but did not know that his actions were illegal, his trial court had heard.

But the judge was sceptical: "To everyone else it is just so very difficult, if not downright hideous, to understand what Mr Seljan did, (and) to understand that he could really think that this was not wrong," she said.

Prosecutors say Seljan, who authorities began investigating in November 2002 after intercepting one of his letters, also had maps to the girls' homes in his luggage.

The conviction and 20-year sentence highlights a US crackdown on its citizens travelling abroad for sex tourism.
Seljan was convicted in 1977 of first-degree sexual assault on an 11-year-old in the north-eastern US state of Wisconsin.


The days of raising funds for charitable causes by running the London Marathon dressed as a chicken may be over. We have the quite remarkable (warning: explicit content), which bills itself as "environmental porn".

The idea is pretty simple: you get as nature intended, engage in some good, old-fashioned rumpy-pumpy, post it on the site and voila! - rainforest preserved, planet saved, laughing children gamboling through sun-kissed meadows, etc, etc:

"Each year, huge areas of rainforest are systematically being cut down. Invaluable animal and plant life is being decimated to make way for commercial interests.. . For too many humans, development has become more important than the balance of nature. Is humanitys cynical behave more powerful than idealism?

"Fuck for forest" are concerned youngsters, fighting to preserve the environment. We believe it is possible to use people’s need for sexuality as a way to raise money for nature. And create interest for preserving our forests. It is time to pay respect, and give something back. Fuck for forest, and give the profit to the earths threatened nature.

Simple as that. And the Scandinavian tree-huggers are more than happy to demonstrate exactly what sort of material will stop the logging companies in their tracks. Indeed, were scientists able to tap enthusiastic editor Leona's power output for just five minutes, they would have sufficient energy to supply three dolphin rehabilitation centres for a year.

So, if you're concerned about our planet, but can't really be arsed to get out of bed over it, here's a way to stay in the sack, indulge in some solid aerobic exercise and do your bit at the same time.

"Angry? Horny? You can be a model for fuck for forest. Amateurs and professionals alike - anybody is welcome to contact us. We are mainly looking for girls and couples. Get fucked for forest! Don’t be depressive. Take control."


I would like to call all people of good will, who are concerned with the pervservation of our environment, to actively (fuckingly) support this action. Have fun.

Free Porn for IT Workers

Forget luncheon vouchers, Danish IT outfit LL Media has set a new benchmark in worker welfare by handing its workers free subscriptions to Net porn sites. The company hopes that the freebies will stop randy Scandinavian employees from accessing Web smut while at work.

Levi Nielsen, company director of the Nordjylland-based libertine collective, reckons that access to porn is a legitimate fringe benefit. He told Danish media: "We know that 80 per cent of all hits on the Internet are on porn sites. And we can see that people also surf porn pages during work." Nielsen apparently also expressed the hope that the initiative will make his staff "more relaxed on the job".

This unfortunate turn of phrase should not hide the fact that LL Media's is a laudable example of corporate philanthropy, and one which should immediately be adopted by UK businesses.

Naturally, Reg staff have already petitioned management for a similar scheme, but - being British - have eschewed hard-core rumpy-pumpy in favour of either Sky Sports or The Shopping Channel.


Now thats what I call the incentive.

Practical Sexual Education

A Judson High School substitute teacher has lost her job after police say X-rated pictures of her having sex were passed around a classroom, school officials said. These days with modern technology, you can take a picture anywhere with the click of your phone. But it was a camera phone that got some X-rated pictures into Judson High School and cost the substitute her job.

"This teacher obviously didn't have her heart in the right place and didn't have enough sense to actually know what was right and wrong in the classroom," Judson ISD spokesman Sean Hoffmann said.

The substitute teacher was supposed to be giving a lesson on health at Judson's Gray Campus. Instead, it was more like a sex education class courtesy of the teacher's camera phone.

"The female substitute had pictures of herself and pictures of another individual with her on that camera phone," Hoffmann said.

Judson officials say they're not really sure whether the teacher actually gave the students the phone or if they somehow got a hold of it, but they say either way there definitely were some pictures on there that were not appropriate for school.

"There were several pictures on there that were inappropriate," Hoffmann said.

Judson officials say the students told them what had happened and they filed the affidavits with the district.

"We got written statements from six of those students, and in reviewing those statements all six of them collaborated the same information," Hoffmann said. "So at that point we took immediate action and got that teacher out of our schools."

The 28-year-old teacher was officially fired Feb. 15. She had only been with the district a month when this happened, and she won't be teaching at least at Judson anytime soon.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Sexy Ad Got Banned

An ad for London-based Accurist watch company which ran in Glamour and showed a near naked woman reclining in a chair with her left hand in her crotch above the tagline, "Me Time," was banned by the Advertising Standard Authority which deemed it sexually suggestive and likely to cause serious or widespread offense to readers. Accurist, apparently not having seen their own ad, denies the ad has any association with masturbatory imagery. One reader who complained seems to think masturbation is somehow offensive and demeaning to women. It seems both sides are having difficulty facing reality with Accurist plainly denying a near naked woman with her hand between her legs might possibly be interpreted as sexual and the complainer refusing to admit we've progressed beyond the pre-Kinsey world where masturbation was taboo.

Of course, this doesn't mean masturbating women in ads is a good thing but let's not mince words. In the ad it looks like she is. And, there's nothing wrong with masturbation which is certainly not demeaning to women.


Love Conquers Walls

Two Turkish prison inmates who drilled a nine-centimetre hole between their cells, enabling them to have sex, have been given 4 moth sentences for damaging public property.

Convicted murderer Seylan Corduk, 40, and Kadriye Fikret Oget, 27, serving time for planting a bomb in a market received a reduced term and a fine of 72 million turkish lira (about USD 50) "in view of the neglible nature of the damage caused", a local newspaper reprots. Whats most important is that their "liaison" resulted in a child.

Prison "glory hole" works wonders I guess.